My Lists

My Lists - List of Influencers

List with influencers in Tech

Keep track of the things that interest you with Lists

Save time by saving any name in watch lists – stakeholders, competitors, products, influencers, keywords – and let Silobreaker monitor them for you. You can use Lists anywhere in Silobreaker where you would normally search, but by using Lists instead, you will get unparalleled monitoring efficiency through Silobreaker’s many tools.

My Lists - Influencer Network

Network of Influencers and related persons

Save stuff to lists on-the-fly

Regardless of where you are in Silobreaker, you can always add things to Lists. Just hover over a name and use the Add to List feature. The Network in combination with My Lists is a great example of being able to discover things on the fly and immediately using what you find to get a better picture of what’s going on.

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