Silobreaker Software

Fully customizable behind your firewall

Silobreaker Software is our on-premises software suite. It offers a dedicated and tailored in-house solution that is installed behind your firewall. Customers are in complete control of the data to be used and the software enables flexible integration with your existing backend systems and other 3rd party products.

It is ideal for organizations whose requirements for product flexibility, security or tailored features cannot be met by our online subscription service Silobreaker Premium.  This can be a customer’s use of a bespoke taxonomy, the integration of specific data or the need for advanced add-on features like real-time translation or voice transcription. Silobreaker Enterprise Software Suite combines data fusion, search, semantic and statistical text-mining with the same intuitive web interface and powerful features as found in Silobreaker Premium. Explore Silobreaker Features.

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