Saved Articles and Collections

Save articles to Collections – work more efficiently

Silobreaker supports your internal processes by allowing you to save articles on the fly to one or several collections, which you may have set up for different jobs, projects or audiences. This helps you sift through large volumes of content, while saving and categorizing such articles that you want to revisit, add to a report or distribute directly to colleagues or stakeholders by using our RSS, Email or Export features. Collections can be accessed over our REST API as well for inclusion in other production systems.

Collections are only limited by your imagination. Set up Collections based on areas of interest. Or strategic impact. Or urgency. Or sentiment. Or in any way that helps solving a problem or performing a task. Using My Page, you can craft virtual collections – for example “All articles placed in collections Business Intelligence, High Strategic Impact and Urgent” – and set up email reports that informs your executive management of what you think is important right now. Read it, save it, and Silobreaker takes care of the rest.

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