Team and Background

The name “Silobreaker” comes from the founders’ idea of wanting to break from the traditional (and often political) “silos” of information that still exist inside and outside many organizations and throughout media and the information industry. Silobreaker’s aim is to demonstrate the benefits and strengths of a single platform that combines information aggregation with analytical tools and collaboration features, so that information regardless of its type and source can be shared and dealt with across user groups.

Management Team
The core team combines programming excellence with long-term experience of delivering business success.

Kristofer Månsson, Co-Founder and CEO.
Before co-founding Silobreaker, Kristofer spent 15 years in banking and financial services. He was a Vice-President at Salomon Brothers in London and Managing Director of AIG Financial Products in London. His entry into technology, other than that as user, was in 2000 when he took on the role of acting CEO for an early stage technology venture originated and owned by the Boston Consulting Group and OMX in Stockholm. He holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Per Lindh, Co-Founder and Head of Stockholm Office.
Per holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden, specialising in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Part of his academic degree was completed at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), where he spent a year as a Postgraduate Student. Per held the position as Systems Architect for Framfab from 1999 until he left the company during 2001 to pursue commercial opportunities with his information retrieval invention, which remains the core technology behind Silobreaker.

Joakim Mårlöv, Co-Founder and Director.
Joakim has 20 years experience as a developer and architect of business intelligence and database decision support solutions for corporate clients, including H&M, The Absolut Company and PharmaciaUpjohn. Joakim is an expert on decision support systems, OLAP and massive-scale databases.

Mats Björe, Co-Founder and Director.
Mats is the founder of Infosphere AB, an international intelligence consultant. Prior to Infosphere he served as Scandinavian Knowledge Manager for McKinsey & Company; Founder and Head of the Open Source Intelligence Section at the Swedish Headquarters Military Intelligence & Security Service; and a teacher of intelligence at Sweden’s Army Intelligence School and Artillery School. Among other assignments, he was a member of Factiva’s advisory board between 2001 and 2003.

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