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Big upgrade of Silobreaker’s dashboards

The My Page dashboard is the most used feature in Silobreaker and over the last few months we have spent a lot of time on updating and upgrading this much liked tool. Some of it is pure design to make the user-interface look cleaner and more modern. But we have also overhauled some of the dashboard widgets to improve usability and help you get to the data you need quicker and more easily. Then there is the techy stuff behind the scene that we won’t go into in detail here, but which will make the dashboards more responsive and improve general performance. Here’s a quick run-through of the more important changes:

  • The main menu looks similar, but we have removed the filter-button and replaced it with a responsive search box that will update your dashboard as soon as you have typed in your filter or query, or pressed return on your keyboard. You can also activate the filter or query by clicking on the Done-button down in the right corner of the menu.
  •  You can now re-arrange dashboard tabs by simply clicking on and dragging a tab to a new location. This should be of great help if you have many tabs going on at the same time and want to group or organise them.
  • Word Cloud is a brand new widget that you’ll find in the dashboard menu under Analytical Tools. Besides showing the most important names related to your query, we also colour-code the word cloud to indicate how hot or cold a name is based on the attention it is getting at the moment in the data. And by clicking on a name you’ll get a list of ‘evidence’ related to it in the context of your query.
  • The Hot Spots widget has been changed completely and is now in sync with our main geo-mapping tool that we released earlier this year. Hot Spots is an excellent tool for cutting through the data noise and extracting insights. It shows locations of places found in the data and by clicking on a spot you will get the evidence for why the spot is on the map.
  • The Heat widget has been redesigned to give a less cluttered appearance, helping you see trending names and ‘big movers’ more easily. The heat-measure is an early warning tool that gauges who or what is getting more mentions in the data than usual. Silobreaker’s list and heat tools are amazing time-savers by supporting the use of watch lists and allowing single-click queries for a whole list of entities.
  • The Network widget has been increased to display relationships more clearly. The network auto-connects terms found in the data and which are mentioned together. Connecting the dots helps you see a bigger picture outside your initial focus.
  • YouTube is another widget that we have improved for more reliable results and better viewing in a dashboard. You can filter your searches on relevance, view count and upload date, as well as on time-ranges from last hour to this month.
  • Another new feature is that you are now in control of the locale settings for your account, including the time zone and time/date format. You can also decide whether you want to see the most recent data with an actual time stamp rather than the ‘x mins/hours ago’ which we have used in the past, but which hasn’t always been ideal for email alerts and other exported reports. That’s it for now, but there is more stuff coming soon. Please let us know what you think.

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