Cyber Security

Putting cyber events in the context of the world at large is critical in order to understand and potentially predict future threats. Gain intelligence on your company’s assets; IP-addresses, credentials, email-domains and credit card numbers. Be alerted of malware, threat actors, vulnerabilities and exploits. Gauge the severity of indicators of compromise. Discover leaks and breaches.
See how a multinational retailer, a European information security company, a US bank and a leading professional services firm are using Silobreaker for cyber threat intelligence.


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Crisis & Incident Management

Gain situational awareness around natural and man-made disasters, pandemics, security incidents, conflicts and terror attacks. Monitor world events and geopolitical developments.
See how a non-profit NGO, a border force and a naval force are using Silobreaker for security purposes and crisis & incident management.


Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Find out about events that could affect your operations, reputation, customers, personnel and supply chain. Follow trends in e-crime, fraud and other corporate crimes. Monitor world events and geopolitical developments. Stay updated on regulatory changes and new legislation.
See how a US sporting goods retailer is using Silobreaker for corporate security. 


Business & Market Intelligence

Follow news and trends about companies and industries, find out about innovation, product releases and new technologies, be updated about new deals and competitors’ activities. Stay on top of any external development that may affect your business.
See how a global bank, a multi-national telecomms company and a material science group are using Silobreaker for business and market intelligence.