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Know more and faster about any external developments that may affect your business. Follow news and trends about companies and industries, find out about innovation, product releases and new technologies, be updated about new deals and competitors’ activities.

Case study: Global bank

This global bank was searching for digital solutions to help its corporate and investment bankers manage their relationships with large institutional clients around the world. 

Their 3 central objectives were:

  • To make the bankers stand out to their clients in competitive situations.
  • To identify and drive new business opportunities.
  • To support the bank’s internal credit-risk and compliance departments with front-line information.  

The unique approach of bringing the whole value chain into a single application, from collecting data to turning it into contextualised insights, proved to be a great fit for the bank’s purpose.

With ‘know more, faster’ as the underlying goal for the project, Silobreaker set out to deliver the following:

  • Access to more data from more open sources than ever before, including from news, blogs, social media, press-releases and research.
  • Customisable setup based on each banker’s personal preferences and client list.
  • Ready-made dashboards and trend-tools that contextualise the data, extracting relevant and timely results to each banker.
  • Tailored email alerts and access to client news in a mobile app, keeping the bankers updated away from their desks. 

The benefits have been immediate. To stay on top of client developments, the bankers are getting daily digests of information across all data relating to their clients. To focus on a specific topic or client, they use Silobreaker’s analytical tools and features. Preparing for a meeting or building a pitch-book, Silobreaker’s report tool helps the bankers find and select relevant data, add their own editorial content, share and collaborate within their teams, as well as export and disseminate the report straight from the system. Silobreaker offers a new and more efficient way to work. It also provides access to information that, in the bank’s old model, would have been lost or never found.

Case study: Global telecommunications company

A worldwide operation with a range of subsidiary firms, affiliate companies and supply chain routes, this telecommunications giant faces a massive challenge when it comes to reputational risk management. Silobreaker was selected as the tool that the telecom company needed to pick up on both positive and negative sentiment from the opinions of customers, analysts, regulators, employees, journalists and competitors.By cross-referencing lists in Silobreaker of their subsidiary companies or executive management with reputational risk topics like fraud, bribery and corruption, this company are able to achieve real-time monitoring of web data that’s relevant to their reputation.

On one occasion, an individual leaked a document online that threatened to cause the company’s reputation serious harm. They discovered it through Silobreaker shortly after it was leaked and were able to monitor the chatter around it in real-time. Through this process the telecom company uncovered the motive behind the leak and are now better equipped to prevent a similar event in the future.

Case study: Material science group

This group operates in an industry where competition is fierce and being the first to market means everything. With innovation at this material science group’s heart, their success depends upon their ability to track competitor activity and any industry regulation changes.

Working in real-time, Silobreaker provides the group with the data they need. Whether their competitors are developing a new material, there’s been a scientific advancement or new regulations introduced, they are aware of it without delay. Through tracking the data that is relevant to them, this client has been able to register valuable patents before their rivals and beat them to market.

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Through harnessing Silobreaker’s unrivalled ability to process large-data sets, what used to take days now takes minutes. Using our technology you’ll analyse and interpret with ease.


Tailor your dashboards and even leverage Silobreaker’s strength in 3rd party applications. Instantly access relevant information, in context, and make our technology yours.

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Silobreaker adds and processes data as soon as it’s published. You’ll never miss what’s important and will gain key insights in moments.

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Rather than having to work with hundreds of feeds or search engines, Silobreaker collects your data in a single toolbox. Our fully integrated system saves you time and effort, allowing you to see new things and focus on the decisions that matter.

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Just because our technology is complex, doesn’t mean using our products should be. Silobreaker’s intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easy to work with for every user across your organisation.

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