The threat landscape around your company.

Public data is vital to the detection of potential security threats to organisations.  Silobreaker can monitor the events that could affect your business sites, customers, personnel and supply chain. Our technology allows you to be proactive in finding your organisation’s vulnerabilities and highlighting the future threats that could exploit them.

Case study: US sporting goods retailer

With hundreds of stores and distribution centres across 47 U.S. States, this retailer is a leader in its field. As their business grows and new locations open, it’s imperative that they meet their increased security requirements.


While some of our customers use all our features, others focus their efforts on just one. This client is an example of the latter. Using our Hot Spots geo-mapping tool their security team are able to perform real-time monitoring of every single geographic area in which they have a presence. Through pinpointing locations and filtering out irrelevant data, they’ve achieved better situational awareness, leading to faster incident response times. The improved threat intelligence that Silobreaker brings this retailer, has become invaluable in their protection of their customers, staff and business.

One solution, many benefits


Through harnessing Silobreaker’s unrivalled ability to process large-data sets, what used to take days now takes minutes. Using our technology you’ll analyse and interpret with ease.


Tailor your dashboards and even leverage Silobreaker’s strength in 3rd party applications. Instantly access relevant information, in context, and make our technology yours.

Know now

Silobreaker adds and processes data as soon as it’s published. You’ll never miss what’s important and will gain key insights in moments.

'All-in-one' toolbox

Rather than having to work with hundreds of feeds or search engines, Silobreaker collects your data in a single toolbox. Our fully integrated system saves you time and effort, allowing you to see new things and focus on the decisions that matter.

Simple & intuitive

Just because our technology is complex, doesn’t mean using our products should be. Silobreaker’s intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easy to work with for every user across your organisation.

Dedicated service

We take customer relations seriously. Our relationships team are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most from our products.

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