The strength of OSINT.

Silobreaker is a key tool for many law enforcement and defence organisations around the world. Obtaining and sharing timely and relevant intelligence from open sources is a vital part in carrying out their missions and operations.

Case Study: Super Bowl 50

A team of 67 analysts from Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the U.S., was tasked with using open source intelligence to assist security operations for Super Bowl 50 by the Santa Clara Police Department. Having previously partnered with Silobreaker for education and training purposes in their classes, Norwich knew that that the service’s suite of data collection and analysis tools were ideally suited to the task.


Through Silobreaker, Norwich University’s analysts worked to identify and monitor threats before and during SB50. The team collected and analysed open source intelligence related to personnel for both teams, ranging from players and executives to VIP guests, as well as monitoring information related to physical venues and assets, local criminal activity, protests and other instabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Silobreaker proved a valuable asset in several instances including the identification of an Uber driver protest and providing intelligence that led to the arrest of a prankster just moments before his planned pitch invasion. Had the pitch invasion been successful, it is estimated it would have cost the NFL around $167,000 for each second the individual was on the Levi’s Stadium pitch.

Download or read an extended version of our SB50 case study.

Case study: National border force

Looking for an application that would allow them to collect open source data in multiple languages, translate it into English, and then perform analysis on the aggregated and translated data, this national border force chose Silobreaker.


Using customised dashboards, our client is able to focus their intelligence on key border-security topics: maritime security, illegal immigration, people smuggling, passport fraud and illegal fishing. By being able to cross-reference topics and keywords with neighbouring countries and cities, the border force’s situational awareness has improved considerably.


The real-time OSINT that the border force gain from Silobreaker is easily shared with neighbouring border forces through our reporting functions. The result is relevant and actionable intelligence that enables the force and its neighbour agencies to respond more quickly and effectively.

Case study: Naval force

Silobreaker was contacted as this naval force’s OSINT team was struggling to keep up with their mission of monitoring developments related to piracy in the waters outside the Horn of Africa. The team only had access to traditional search engines and found them both ineffective and time-consuming to use.


Through Silobreaker, the naval force are now able to collect data that they couldn’t access before. With the help of our Heat and Time Series tools, they can see where things are flaring up, when stories are breaking, and who is involved – real-time, relevant intelligence obtained in far less time. As a result, the force’s OSINT team regularly learn of critical developments before their intelligence colleagues on the ground are aware of them. Findings in Silobreaker are now an integral part of the daily briefings given by the Head of OSINT to the naval force command.

One solution, many benefits


Through harnessing Silobreaker’s unrivalled ability to process large-data sets, what used to take days now takes minutes. Using our technology you’ll analyse and interpret with ease.


Tailor your dashboards and even leverage Silobreaker’s strength in 3rd party applications. Instantly access relevant information, in context, and make our technology yours.

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Silobreaker adds and processes data as soon as it’s published. You’ll never miss what’s important and will gain key insights in moments.

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Rather than having to work with hundreds of feeds or search engines, Silobreaker collects your data in a single toolbox. Our fully integrated system saves you time and effort, allowing you to see new things and focus on the decisions that matter.

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Just because our technology is complex, doesn’t mean using our products should be. Silobreaker’s intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easy to work with for every user across your organisation.

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