NEW: Turla APT in ongoing campaign

Turla APT is targeting UK servers with malicious tools and Snake malware in an ongoing campaign

  • The NCSC has reported on a Turla (aka WhiteBear) campaign using Neuron, Nautilus and Snake rootkit infections in an ongoing, targeted intelligence gathering operation against UK infrastructure. The targets include government, military, technology, energy and commercial organisations.
  • Distributed via a spear-phishing campaign, Neuron is composed of client and server components, which are written using .NET with codebase overlaps. The Neuron client infects victim endpoints and steals sensitive data from local client machines. The Neuron server infects network infrastructure and acts as a local C&C for the client component. 
  • The Neuron service creates its own HTTP listener and waits for requests to a configured Neuron URL endpoint, which masquerades as legitimate web services such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS.
  • The main Nautilus payload is encrypted within a covert store on disk. Nautilus listens for client HTTP requests in order to process tasking requests, including command execution, file-deleting and file-writing to disk.

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