New year, new features

We’ve kicked off 2017 with a series of product improvements. From extending Silobreaker’s search syntax capability to enhancing the In Focus tool, our development team have been hard at work to ensure Silobreaker users will be working with a more powerful and efficient product this year. 

The updates listed below are just a few of a longer list of product upgrades, updates and bug-fixes we implemented this month.

Search syntax: Wildcards
We have enriched our search syntax with the ability to use wildcards when searching with entities. For example querying ‘IPv4:213.136.*‘ or ‘Keyphrase:CVE-2017-*’ will return search results for all documents containing entities matching those patterns. Get more control over your search and don’t miss anything that matters. 

Full CIDR support
We’re now offering full CIDR notation support. Silobreaker users now have the ability to search IP ranges using any suffix between 16-32. For example, using searches such as ‘ipv4:′, allows users to monitor whole IP-ranges quickly and easily. 

Silobreaker transforms now released on Maltego Hub
Our transforms has now been unveiled on the Maltego Hub. This partnership enables Silobreaker users to leverage our data and their own within Maltego to maximise actionable intelligence.

In Focus: Smart selection
The In Focus tool, which sorts and displays entities related to any search query by type, is more intelligent than ever. We’ve fine tuned our algorithm adding a ‘Smart‘ selection that highlights entities based on their type and sorts related entities into a range of categories. Finding the information you need in Silobreaker has never been easier. 

Network: Email alerts & full screen
We’ve updated our email alerts to include the new Silobreaker Network. A large percentage of users rely on Silobreaker’s reporting features and this change will add significantly to the quality and speed of sharing and disseminating findings using the tool. Finally, in what is another improvement to the investigation of relationships with Silobreaker, it’s now possible to view the Network in full screen mode.

Silobreaker’s entity and evidence pop-ups have been completely rewritten behind the scenes making them look and perform better than ever. Images are given more room and loading times are greatly reduced. 

Now you’ve read about our latest product improvements, it’s time to see them in action. We strongly recommend that Silobreaker users login to familiarise themselves with the changes. If you’re not a user but would like to see these features and much more in action, you can book a Silobreaker demo here.

 The Silobreaker Team

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