New Year, new upgrades & an improved Silobreaker

The holiday season is over and we’re back to work, feeling excited about what 2016 has in store. Well, for Silobreaker users at least, the new year is starting off with a bang. We’ve been working hard on our latest application upgrades and they’re finally here. We can’t wait for you to start using them and enhancing your workflow even further with Silobreaker. 

Much like the recent update we announced in October, this launch comprises a combination of technical and design alterations. All of our updates aim to improve Silobreaker’s usability and help you get better information, in less time, and this one is no exception. So what are these changes that we’re so excited to announce?

A brand new autocomplete

We’ve introduced a new and improved autocomplete function to bring massive enhancements to the way you query in Silobreaker. Without opening the wizard you’re now able to input an entire search string into a single search box while Silobreaker brings up suggestions and search operator options (‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘NEAR’, ‘FROM’) as you type. On top of this, Silobreaker’s autocomplete now lets you select lists and collections straight from the search box. As a result, the feature is much sleeker and you can create queries in a lot less time.

New entity types

We’ve added numerous new and auto-detected cyber-related entity types to the InFocus widget. The new entity types include IP-addresses, emails, hashes and credit cards – more key elements you can monitor for the latest threats and trends.

New icons

Our UX Design team have created new icons for all entities within Silobreaker. With more visual clarity between different entity-types Silobreaker’s data looks better and is easier to digest.

Word Cloud added to main search box

Silobreaker’s Word Cloud feature can now be accessed from the main search area. Our users can now switch between Word Cloud, 360° Search, Time Series and Hot Spots with a single click.

Hot Spots memory enhancement

A number of our users had told us that they’d like to be able to maintain a zoomed in Hot Spots view in a dashboard. We listened, thought it was a fantastic idea, and made the change. Now, if you zoom and pan across a Hot Spots view to a certain area or country and you check the ‘Remember View’ box , the map will show the same area after the widget is refreshed or the dashboard is reloaded.

New colour scheme

We’ve improved our charts and icons with a brand new colour palette. The bright new colours make Silobreaker’s visualisations easier to process, increasing separation and readability.


Our developer and UX teams work tirelessly to make sure that Silobreaker is constantly improving and we are providing our users with the most powerful and intuitive technology that we can. We’re always keen to hear any areas in which you feel that Silobreaker could be altered or improved. As always, many of the elements changed in this latest update came from our users’ feedback.  

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