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Product Updates: Winter 2020

This year has already seen the introduction of our ‘Intitle’ search syntax, as well as several upgrades to our Hot Spots tool. We’re now excited to show you some of the most recent updates to the product.

Please get in touch if you would like us to show you the platform in more detail.

Map Layers for Hot Spots

As part of our latest update, we’ve improved our GeoJSON support for the Hot Spots tool.

A GeoJSON overlay on the Hot Spots tool.

GeoJSON is a format that allows you to visualise geographical features in a number of different ways. We’ve made working with this format much easier with the addition of map layers.

  • You can now create and manage map layers in Hot Spots, letting you store your GeoJSON files online and toggle their visibility on and off.

  • In addition to uploading a GeoJSON file, you can also create a map layer from an external link, which will update from the source every five minutes.

  • Just like lists, collections, and dashboards, map layers can be searched, filtered, and shared to others in your organisation.

In Focus standalone enhancements

We have improved our standalone In Focus tool, making it easier to select, save and export entities.

The standalone In Focus tool
  • You can now select entities of different types and save them to the same list.

  • We have increased the export cap, letting you export up to 5,000 entities of a single type to a CSV.

Add visualisations to reports directly

The Add to Report button in Silobreaker.

All visualisations can now be added to a report from their respective widgets or standalone versions. Simply click Add to Report from any widget, and select your report of choice.

Improved List import

We’ve upgraded our List import tool and added the option to import entities to any list.

  • You can find the List import option in the header bar of any list you own or have collaborative access to.

  • List import now offer suggestions for unmatched entities during the import process. If no suggestions appear, you can type into the match field to search and the autocomplete prompt will offer matches.

The list import function.

Clarified search results

We’ve made search results clearer by sorting entities in results based on your search.

  • Entities displayed under results in Top Stories or All Content (Full) will be sorted based on those in your search.

  • We show entities in your search first, followed by the most relevant entities in the document, up to a maximum of five.

  • In practice this means that even if your search is a list of 100 entities, it will be immediately clear which result contains which entities on your list.

Intel471 Spot Reports & Instant Messages

Intel471’s Spot Reports and instant messages are now available in the platform for joint customers.

  • Spot Reports relay raw and timely intelligence for events observed in cybercriminal underground forums, including data breaches, malware auctions and actor activity.

  • Instant messages come from a wide variety of messaging sources, and provide actionable insights based on threat actor activity and fraud techniques.

Quality of life and performance improvements

  • Time zones in the user settings interface now show example locations next to UTC time offsets.

  • Administrators can now create their own mail ingest addresses.

  • Administrators now land on a screen showing the users in their company.

  • You can now zoom and pan in Word Cloud.

Now that you’ve read about our latest product improvements, it’s time to see them in action.

We recommend that Silobreaker users log in to familiarise themselves with the changes. 

If you are not a user and would like to see the platform in more detail, please get in touch.

The Silobreaker Team