Product upgrades: June 2017

2017 has already seen us announce wildcard searching, full CIDR support and various other improvements to Silobreaker’s key tools. Let’s take a look at some of the main product upgrades we’ve introduced since.

Hot Spots: Dynamic updates

Silobreaker’s geo-mapping tool is faster and more responsive than ever before. It now updates dynamically with new locations as you zoom in/out and pan around the map. Whether you are taking a global or local view, you will be directed to the most prominent places mentioned in the data.

Hot Spots

List Import
We’ve improved Lists – one of Silobreaker’s core features. And now we’ve made it much easier for you to create and manage lists with our new List Import tool – simply upload a CSV file with the relevant entities matched to either an existing or new list name. Whether your file contains 10 or 10,000 entities, it makes no difference. Once imported, the list will be auto-populated and ready for use across Silobreaker tools.

Time Series & Heat query support
We’ve significantly upgraded the list search capabilities for the Time Series and Heat tools. While you can still select your existing lists from a drop-down menu, we’ve added a smart-search field to give you more options. It is now possible to search for one or several entity types, entities within a document, or any number of lists at the same time. This allows you to track unusual activity across huge data sets, including all companies, people or organisations indexed by Silobreaker. The example below shows a Time Series search by using an entity type as the query rather than a list name.

Content ingest via email
Another great addition – Silobreaker users can now import email content to their Silobreaker accounts. This feature makes it possible to set up automatic forwarding of emails, reports and other content to your Silobreaker partition. Once ingested, you will be able to view and analyse the content in Silobreaker like any other data. While you can still upload data manually in Silobreaker, this automated feature will be a real time saver for many of you. The feature is offered as a ‘concierge service’, so contact your Silobreaker representative to find out more about how to set it up.

UI update
As well as making all the above changes, our development team continue to tweak and make subtle UX improvements throughout Silobreaker. For example, you might have noticed that the 360 page (below) now has a cleaner layout and larger profile photos for certain entity types.

Finally and coming soon: New user interface
This one’s been in the works for a while and we’re getting closer to going live. The latest evolution of Silobreaker has been carefully planned and built over the past 12 months by our development team in Stockholm. Get a sneak peak below and watch this space for an announcement of our new UI’s launch.

Now you’ve read about our latest product improvements, it’s time to see them in action. We strongly recommend that Silobreaker users login to familiarise themselves with the changes. If you’re not a user but would like to see these features and much more in action, you can book a Silobreaker demo here.

 The Silobreaker Team

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