The Power of Open & Closed Source Threat Intelligence Working Together

Leverage Intel 471 and Silobreaker’s joint intelligence technology solution to achieve maximum visibility into threats emanating from the criminal underground and open source.

Experience a data-rich, consolidated interface enabling you to streamline your operations.


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With your 2 week trial you will get access to Intel 471’s underground collections, finished intelligence and Spot Reports, along with Silobreaker’s expansive data coverage across the surface web. 

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  • Vulnerability intelligence and patch prioritisation: Identify and prioritise vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, and track the exploits that could be leveraged against you.


  • Malware intelligence: Track trending malware and adversary conversations about campaigns, tactics, techniques and procedures. 


  • Asset monitoring: Monitor surface web and criminal underground forums and marketplaces for credentials, domains, IP addresses, email accounts, and card numbers.


  • Audit, Compliance, and Privacy: Track regulatory and policy requirements that may impact your business and industry.
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