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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
LokiBot Trojan 3 7
Pegasus Malware 2 4
CoronaVirus Ransomware 1 1
BlackWater Backdoor 1 1
LockBit Ransomware 1 1
DownloadSponsor 1 1
Magecart Group 2 4
SpyMax RAT 1 1
DealPly Malware 1 1
ProjectSpy 1 1
Data Breaches
Data Breaches – W/E – 4/24/20
Tech-Wreck InfoSec BlogApr 25 2020 12:46
23 Million Usernames, Passwords Taken from Webkinz Children's Site (04/20/2020) A children's online gaming site has been hacked and data from more than 23 million accounts was leaked. Usernames, passwords, and hashed e-mail addresses…
Hacker Groups
Hackers Targeted Chinese Agencies for COVID-19 Intel: Report
Bank Info SecurityApr 25 2020 15:37
COVID-19 , Cyberwarfare / Nation-State Attacks , Fraud Management & Cybercrime FireEye Says APT Group Tied to Vietnam Involved Akshaya Asokan (asokan_akshaya) • April 25, 2020 China's Ministry of Emergency Management (headquarters picture above)…
Cybercrime Group Steals $1.3M from Banks
MalwareTips.comApr 25 2020 13:13
A look at how the so-called Florentine Banker Group lurked for two months in a sophisticated business email compromise attack on Israeli and UK financial companies. A cybercriminal group dubbed the Florentine Banker Group launched advanced business…
About 400,000 Credit and Debit Card Records Are for Sale on Joker’s Stash
TechNaduApr 25 2020 09:18
A new dump has appeared on the Joker’s Stash, containing roughly 200k card records from the USA, and another 200k from South Korea. The information that is included in eac
h record points to POS terminal malware campaigns, and not Magecart. The price is…
Oil and Gas Companies Targeted via Spear-Phishing and Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks
CywareApr 25 2020 19:04
Two new Agent Tesla malware campaigns have recently been observed targeting Oil and Gas companies in a large number of countries around the world, posing a threat to this sector, globally. What exactly happened: Two different spear-phishing campaigns…
LockBit ransomware borrows tricks to keep up with REvil and Maze
Reverse EngineeringApr 25 2020 18:10
submitted by /u/kernelv0id [link]…
CyberCrime – W/E – 4/24/20
Tech-Wreck InfoSec BlogApr 25 2020 12:45
Security Firm Cognizant Confirms Ransomware Attack (04/20/2020) A major tech consulting company has been the victim of a ransomware attack. Cognizant, a multinational Fortune 500 corporation,…
Terrorizing Firms With ‘Name and Shame’ Tactic Becomes New Normal for Ransomware Operators
CywareApr 25 2020 19:04
Initiated by Maze ransomware operators, the tactic was first used against the security staffing firm, Allied Universal. The trend is also followed by Clop, Nemty, DoppelPaymer, and Neifilm ransomware. Ransomware operators have evolved their attack…
Security Flaws & Fixes – W/E – 4/24/20
Tech-Wreck InfoSec BlogApr 25 2020 12:47
CISA: Pulse Secure VPNs Being Attacked Months after Being Patched (04/20/2020) The US Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a…

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