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Daily Alert – 14 February 2020

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Heat – Trending Malware and Threat Actors
Name Heat 1 Heat 7 Vol 1 Vol 7
Gaza Cybergang 6 7
xHelper 5 7
AgentTesla Keylogger 5 5
Loda RAT 4 6
EMOTET Trojan 14 58
Pierogi Malware 3 3
Spark Malware 3 3
Trickbot Malware 7 22
DustySky 3 3
QakBot 3 3
Data Breaches
Services Provider to Government Left Database Exposed: Report
BankInfoSecurityFeb 13 2020 14:14
Researcher Says Exposed Granicus Database…
Expert on Report: 60% of Enterprises Not Equipped To Respond To Data Breaches
Information Security BuzzFeb 13 2020 10:49
In response to recent reports that found over 60% of enterprises are not equipped to respond to data breaches, an expert from Cerberus Sentinel offers perspective. The ISBuzz Post: This Post …
PA: Rutter’s data breach impacted at least 70 Pennsylvania stores
DataBreaches.netFeb 14 2020 01:11
Tom Nguyen reports: Rutter’s released a statement on their website Thursday saying numerous locations were victim to a data breach that allowed a third-party access to customers’ credit cards from Oct. 1, 2018 until May 29, 2019. At least 70…
ZA: Nedbank warns clients after data breach – 1.7 million clients potentially affected
Office of Inadequate SecurityFeb 13 2020 12:49
BusinessTech reports: Nedbank says it has investigated a data security issue that occurred at the premises of a third-party…
Hacker Groups
Don’t expect a speedy trial date in the case of the alleged member of thedarkoverlord
Office of Inadequate SecurityFeb 13 2020 14:48 continues to monitor the court docket in the case of Nathan Wyatt, aka “Crafty Cockney,” an…
Gaza Cybergang targeting Palestinian authority figures
HackReadFeb 13 2020 17:06
By Sudais Asif One of the groups behind the attack is MoleRATs which is known to be a part of the Gaza Cybergang and has been operating since 2012. This is a post from Read the original post: …
Three Italian universities hacked by LulzSec_ITA collective
Security AffairsFeb 13 2020 19:49
The popular Italian hacktivist collective LulzSec ITA claimed via Twitter to have hacked three Italian universities. The popular Italian hacktivist collective LulzSec ITA has announced via Twitter the hack of three Italian universities,…
Coronavirus, Trump threats, geopolitical campaigns – how they affect your business & what you should do
SC Magazine UKFeb 13 2020 10:42
53 minutes ago News by Davey Winder Cybereason's Nocturnus research team published a report on how it has been tracking an APT group by the name of Molerats. Also known as the 'Gaza Cyber Gang' this threat actor is known for espionage campaigns, the…
Coronavirus Emotet – Expert Analysis
Information Security BuzzFeb 13 2020 14:25
Cyber criminals are spreading the highly dangerous off-the-shelf Emotet, a phishing Trojan-turned-botnet, by exploiting widespread fears of infection by the novel coronavirus, according to ComputerWeekly. Disguised as an email from a provider of…
Loda RAT Grows Up
MalwareTips.comFeb 13 2020 12:28
Talos has observed several changes in this version of Loda. The obfuscation technique used within the AutoIT script changed to a different form of string encoding. Multiple persistence mechanisms have been employed to ensure Loda continues running on…
Phish Fryday – Agent Tesla
PhishMeFeb 14 2020 05:12
Share: Agent Tesla appeared on the malware scene in 2014 as a simple keylogger. We’ve seen this malware expand capabilities over the years, making it still one of the more popular types of malware distributed in phishing attacks. In this episode we…
‘Ransomwared’ Ransomware Strain Demands Explicit Pictures as Payment
Security Bloggers NetworkFeb 13 2020 12:39
Security researchers spotted a new ransomware strain called “Ransomwared” demanding explicit pictures from its victims as a means of payment. Upon successful infection, Ransomwared runs its encryption routine, appending the file…
Profinet Vulnerability Exposes Siemens, Moxa Devices to DoS Attacks
Security WeekFeb 13 2020 19:08
A serious vulnerability found in the Profinet industrial communication protocol exposes devices from Siemens, Moxa and possibly other vendors to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The high-severity vulnerability was discovered last year by researchers…
Google: Protections Added by Samsung to Android Kernel Increase Attack Surface
Security WeekFeb 13 2020 16:20
A Google Project Zero researcher claims that some of the security features added by Samsung to the Android kernel don’t provide meaningful protection and they actually increase the attack surface. Project Zero researcher Jann Horn has analyzed the…
January 2020’s Most Wanted Malware: Coronavirus-themed spam spreads malicious Emotet malware
Check PointFeb 13 2020 10:00
Check Point’s researchers also report an increase in exploits of the ‘ MVPower DVR Remote Code Execution’ vulnerability, impacting 45% of organizations globally While the threat of Coronavirus grabs the attention of the world, our latest Global Threat…
Critical Vulnerability In Profile Builder Plugin Allowed Site Takeover
Wordfence – RSSFeb 13 2020 21:38
Description: Unauthenticated Administrator Registration Affected Plugin: Profile Builder (Free, Pro, and Hobbyist versions affected) Affected Versions: <= 3.1.0 CVSS Score: 10.0…
Ongoing Campaigns
New Backdoor Attacks Leverage Political Turmoil in Middle East
Security WeekFeb 13 2020 20:07
Two apparently politically motivated backdoor campaigns have been observed operating in the Middle East, targeting influential Palestinians. The aggressors are most likely the MoleRATs APT (aka The Gaza Cybergang, Extreme Jackal, Moonlight, and…
DoS Attacks vs. DDoS Attacks
LIFARS BlogFeb 13 2020 14:00
DoS Attacks The Denial-of-Service attack is a simple and effective way to attack the server. The purpose of the attack is to allow the attacked host and server to deny normal user access and disrupt the normal operation of the…
BEC Scams Targeting Gift Cards Accounted For 62% Of All Scams Reported In Q3 2019
CywareFeb 14 2020 06:45
| One of the notable aspects of gift card BEC attacks involve scammers targeting finance or HR employees. The scammers impersonate a wide variety of identities on the corporate ladder and make requests for expensive gift cards. According to the latest…
DDoS Attacks Nearly Double Between Q4 2018 and Q4 2019
ste williamsFeb 14 2020 01:30
Peer-to-peer botnets, TCP reflection attacks, and increased activity on Sundays are three DDoS attack trends from last quarter. The number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks nearly doubled between the fourth quarter of 2018 and fourth…

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