Silobreaker launches PolySwarm enrichment

Silobreaker, a pioneer in building technology to make sense of web data, today announced its partnership with PolySwarm, a marketplace for innovative threat detection technologies that compete using a Blockchain back-end to offer accurate and detailed analysis of ransomware and other emergent threats. 

The new enrichment allows Silobreaker users to find malicious IPs, hashes and domains, and surface a variety of critical metadata that are not  picked up by other commercial engines. The threat scoring provided by the new PolySwarm enrichment, coupled with Silobreaker’s contextualised open-source data, makes it easier than ever for analysts to detect and prioritise emerging threats.   

“Silobreaker’s massive datasets, powerful analytics, and sophisticated reporting tools, play a vital role in streamlining analysts’ intelligence efforts. We are delighted to offer Silobreaker customers the latest detailed information around emerging threats, helping them to gain an extra layer of context.” says Steve Laskowski Chief Strategy Officer at PolySwarm.  

“When it comes to understanding your threat landscape, context is key.” says Silobreaker CEO Kristofer Mansson. “Silobreaker brings structure to the chaos of competing datasets from across the web, providing our customers with actionable intelligence they can give to stakeholders in a timely and digestible format. We are excited to advance our users’ threat intelligence capabilities with the addition of PolySwarm. The context provided by this new enrichment can dramatically improve an organisation’s intelligence efforts.”  

All Silobreaker users have access to the PolySwarm enrichment. Metadata searches are available with a free or paid PolySwarm key.   


About Silobreaker 

Silobreaker helps business, security and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of unstructured data on the web. By providing powerful tools and visualisations that cut through noise and analyse data from hundreds of thousands of open sources, Silobreaker makes it easy for users to monitor and research companies and industries, threats, compromises, actors, instabilities, geopolitical developments or any other topic, incident or event. For more information: 

About Polyswarm  

Polyswarm is a launchpad for new technologies and innovative threat detection methods that compete to protect you in real-time. 

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Polyswarm brings together commercial and specialised niche research-driven engines developing cutting-edge threat detection to better protect enterprises against new threats. 

Polyswarm helps augment organisations XDR strategies that require faster access to new malware threats (especially ransomware) along with greater flexibility in collaboration-based data privacy options. 

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