Silobreaker: New features and updates

Our development and UX teams have been hard at work making even more improvements to Silobreaker. As of today, their efforts are officially live. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of this latest product update…

  • New Entity Types
  • Pastebin – Expanded Import
  • CSV Export
  • Increased Language Capability
  • Silobreaker Response 
  • Network

New entity types
Chief amongst the latest changes to Silobreaker is that we’ve added a new range of cyber-related entity types: Malware, Threat Actor, Vulnerability and Emaildomain. Although we have monitored these entities before, they will now be classified separately and displayed with their own icons in the Silobreaker system.  

These new entity types enable you to make more specific queries, obtain a deeper understanding of relevant relationships, and export more actionable data from Silobreaker.

Pastebin – Expanded Import
We’ve expanded our Pastebin coverage. Silobreaker now indexes Pastebin data, allowing you to better uncover and monitor a huge range of threats including hacker operations, leaked credentials and data dumps. 

It’s easy to search Pastebin data in Silobreaker. For example, to discover any pastes or data containing a specific email domain in Pastebin, simply add a filter to your dashboard with the following syntax: ’’. The screenshot below is an example of a dashboard monitoring for any leaked email addresses from Yahoo or Hotmail.

Silobreaker dashboard (Click on the image to enlarge it in a new window)

CSV Export
You can now export any of the results you find in Silobreaker to .csv format. Though this addition might not be much of a surprise to users of our API, we thought the rest of you might be interested! 

The upgrade will allow you to integrate our application more easily with your other analytics and monitoring tools. It’s extremely easy to export from any of the widgets – simply click “Export” in the top right hand corner of any widget or visualisation and select “CSV”.

Silobreaker InFocus widget (Click on the image to enlarge it in a new window)

Increased Language Capability 
Silobreaker has learnt Italian! The new language capability allows you to monitor and analyse data coming from Italian sources. This upgrade brings our total number of languages up to 13.  Fantastica!  

Silobreaker Response
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new “Silobreaker Response” service. An add-on to new or existing subscriptions, customers with Silobreaker Response benefit from the dedicated expertise of Silobreaker analysts. Think about it as an ‘analyst for hire’ at times when you need immediate attention related to a situation, incident or event. You can simply choose the amount of ‘response days’ you wish to purchase and, if they run out, top them up at any time.

The Network is one of Silobreaker’s most popular features so we’re sure lots of you will be happy to hear that we’ve just made it even better. New colours and icons make for a stronger visual representation of relationships and connections, enabling you to gain stronger insight, in less time. On top of this we’ve given you more control of the tool;  you can work with greater efficiency and accuracy, exploring more relationships than ever before.

Silobreaker Network (Click on the image to enlarge it in a new window)

If you’re not a Silobreaker user but are interested to learn more about these updates or Silobreaker’s broader capabilities, you can book on online demonstration here. Or, if you’re an existing customer, why not log in to see these changes first hand? 


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