Silobreaker widens its data integration by teaming up with Intel 471


Silobreaker widens its data integration by teaming up with Intel 471 to offer joint customers a single intelligence platform for open and closed source information.


London – 28 March 2019 – Cybercrime intelligence provider Intel 471 and intelligence technology company Silobreaker today announced a partnership, combining Intel 471’s expertise in deriving insights from the cybercriminal underground with Silobreaker’s analytical tools for unstructured data. The joint offering empowers organizations to predict, detect and mitigate risk of all kinds by turning open source and hard-to-reach unstructured data from closed sources into timely and actionable intelligence.


“Silobreaker’s integration of Intel 471’s premier cybercrime intelligence equips organizations with both the solution, visibility and insight to move ahead of cybercriminal threats emanating from the underground.” commented Intel 471 CEO Mark Arena.


The joint solution provides shared customers with access to Intel 471’s data, including Adversary and Malware Intelligence, as well as the exclusive availability of raw threat data from cybercriminal forums, marketplaces, instant messaging services and chat rooms. Intel 471’s data is fully indexed and integrated for use across all of Silobreaker’s analytical tools, visualizations and workflow features. The combined solution gives customers a central vantage point to detect, understand and action cybercrime threats in near real-time.


“Accessing data from the deep and dark web is obviously far more difficult than from open sources. But once collected, the analytical challenges are similar.” said Silobreaker CEO Kristofer Mansson. “We focus on making sense of unstructured data regardless of its origin, so that intelligence teams can understand issues with greater speed and clarity, irrespective of topic or use-case.”


Access to Intel 471’s intelligence in Silobreaker requires licenses from both companies.


About Silobreaker

Silobreaker helps business, security and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of unstructured data on the web. By providing powerful tools and visualisations that cut through noise and analyse data from hundreds of thousands of open sources, Silobreaker makes it easy for users to monitor and research companies and industries, threats, compromises, actors, instabilities, geopolitical developments or any other topic, incident or event. For more information:


About Intel 471

Intel 471 is the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence for leading intelligence, security and fraud teams. Our adversary intelligence is focused on infiltrating and maintaining access to closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyber attacks. Our malware intelligence leverages our adversary intelligence and underground capabilities to provide timely data and context on malware and adversary infrastructure. Our pedigree is unmatched built on experience from operating in the intelligence services, military, law-enforcement and private companies across the globe.  We protect your organization, products, assets and people. For more information:

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