NEW: Turla APT in ongoing campaign

Turla APT is targeting UK servers with malicious tools and Snake malware in an ongoing campaign The NCSC has reported on a Turla (aka WhiteBear) campaign using Neuron, Nautilus and Snake rootkit infections in an ongoing, targeted intelligence gathering operation against UK infrastructure. The targets include government, military, technology, energy and commercial organisations. Distributed via […]

NEW: Silence Trojan

Silence Trojan: Ongoing attack targeting financial institutions A new trojan has emerged in the past few days targeting financial institutions in Russia, Armenia and Malaysia. First observed by Kaspersky, the Silence trojan and associated threat actor(s) are deploying tactics similar to those used by the Carbanak Gang, a long-established threat to the banking sector. The […]

GameChanger: Telecoms giant detects IP leaks with Silobreaker

Three weeks ago we announced the latest series of software upgrades to Silobreaker. Since then, we’ve been working closely with our clients to ensure they get the greatest utility from these changes. Two of our new features, wildcard searching and CIDR support, have been particularly well received.  In fact, a telecommunications company and Silobreaker client has reported […]