GameChanger: Telecoms giant detects IP leaks with Silobreaker

Three weeks ago we announced the latest series of software upgrades to Silobreaker. Since then, we’ve been working closely with our clients to ensure they get the greatest utility from these changes. Two of our new features, wildcard searching and CIDR support, have been particularly well received. 

In fact, a telecommunications company and Silobreaker client has reported the success they’ve experienced while monitoring internal and external IP ranges.

With well over half a million IP addresses to track, our client found it difficult to establish an automated solution. Using a mixture of Silobreaker’s wildcard search and CIDR notation, they got exactly what they needed; real-time, contextualised, open-source monitoring of their ranges of interest.

An IP monitoring Time Series chart that’s similar to the one our client is using.
An In Focus widget displaying related entities sorted by type.

Merely a fortnight after setting up their dashboard, our client received notice that one of their databases was being targeted. Since then, they have been alerted to leaks of private proxies used by their cyber threat team, and uncovered numerous mentions of their domains/subdomains by malicious actors.

If you’d like to monitor your IP-addresses or discover what else Silobreaker can offer your cyber threat team you can book a demo here.

About the GameChanger series
Intelligence professionals choose Silobreaker and its unmatched OSINT capabilities to ensure their organisation’s security from one day to the next. As we continue to upgrade our tools and users become more experienced, our clients are seeing more positive results than ever. The GameChanger series is a recurring blog/news feature that documents some of these successes. 

While there’s nothing better than hearing from our clients about the wins they’ve had using Silobreaker, it won’t surprise you to know that we don’t publicly disclose sensitive information. Any visualisations have therefore been altered to protect our clients’ privacy. 

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