Overview & Key Benefits

Silobreaker’s products are built to support the workflow of today’s intelligence workers and to provide users with context, insight, situational awareness and dynamic decision-support.  The combination of multiple-type, multiple-source data aggregation together with cutting-edge semantic and statistical text-mining is how Silobreaker is able to serve up results in so many different ways enabling users to search, filter and analyze without having to rely on traditional keyword queries.

  • We provide a fully integrated single system that deals with the entire work flow; from back-end content aggregation, intelligent indexing, classification and storage to front-end search, filtering, analysis, visualization, user collaboration, report generation and decision support.
  • Our products can be applied horizontally or vertically with any combination of unstructured and structured content from both external and internal sources.
  • Our technology perform semantic and statistical text-mining to help users spend less time on searching and collecting data and have more time for interpretation and decision-making.
  • We provide user-friendly and task-oriented tools and visualizations for searching, vetting, alerting, selecting, mapping, monitoring, and reporting.
  •  We offer advanced filter, or “search within search”, functionality that improves contextual relevance and reduces results to a more manageable amount of content.
  • Our products are entity-centric and entities are used by the Silobreaker software to bring structure and extract knowledge from unstructured content, including merging aliases, nicknames and spelling variations into a single entity name.


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