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Phishing Intelligence

With millions of phishing attacks targeting businesses daily, the potential consequences include financial loss, disruption, brand damage, and customer impact. It’s now more critical than ever for organisations to gain clear visibility into the risks they face and be equipped with the relevant intelligence to safeguard their operations.

Detect phishing attacks targeting your business

Stay on top of ongoing phishing campaigns targeting your organisation, employees or customers through the analysis of trends and tactics used by threat actors. By aggregating real-time data from research blogs, feeds and finished intelligence your team will gain comprehensive insights into the emerging trends that could pose a threat to your business.

Reduce your exposure to attacks

Reduce your exposure to attacks with a unified view for monitoring stolen credentials, targeted brands, domains, IP addresses and vulnerabilities used in phishing campaigns.

Take action against phishing attacks

Build automated alerts based on customised watchlists for brands, domains, and credentials. Monitor who is being targeted, which compromises have occurred, and which common tactics are being used in phishing attacks. Armed with this intelligence, your stakeholders can take decisive action to implement proactive measures against potential threats.


Unrivalled visibility into phishing trends, including targets and IOCs, drawn from millions of OSINT and dark web sources

Unified view of targeted industries, brands, domains, IP addresses and vulnerabilities exploited in phishing campaigns

AI-powered automated report building with customisable alerts for key stakeholders

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