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Integration partners

Silobreaker supports a broad range of integrations. Leveraging the combined benefits of leading products, while simplifying implementation and deployment.

Connected intelligence in a single platform

Our joint solutions enable analysts to seamlessly transition between tools, improving the efficiency and efficacy of your workflow so you can collect the right intelligence aligned to priority intelligence requirements (PIRs), in a single platform.

Collaborate with teams across your organisation

Easily integrate with third-party services via API to pull indicators of compromise, documents and feeds from Silobreaker into the workflows you already use to share information across your security teams.

Integration with your existing workflow

Our API enables further integration throughout your tech stack, facilitating data transfer between Silobreaker and SIEM systems, other threat intelligence platforms, information-sharing services, and other products and solutions.

Silobreaker STIX/TAXII feed

Our STIX TAXII feeds enable users to automatically consume malicious indicators detected within Silobreaker’s data, enriched with risk scores, tags, malicious validity periods, and contextual evidence.

Export from Silobreaker


Create threat models and enrich observables within ThreatStream, powered by Silobreaker’s dataset.


Integrate structured and unstructured threat data, contextualise unique indicators, and respond faster to impending threats.


Leverage Silobreaker’s entities and documents to run investigations with a comprehensive set of Maltego transforms.

Microsoft Sentinel

Deliver a curated stream of malicious indicators, along with vendor scoring, entity-driven tagging and context into Microsoft Sentinel.

Mitre | ATT&CK

ATT&CK Navigator export from Silobreaker to categorise, assess and respond to threats.

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Access Silobreaker’s trusted cyber publications within OpenCTI.


Access Silobreaker’s wealth of data from within ThreatConnect, using a highly customisable Playbooks app.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of open and deep & dark web sources to contextualise technical indicators and analyse unstructured threat information at scale.

Import to Silobreaker

Dark Owl

Automatically monitor for compromised credential exposure on the deep and dark web and set up timely alerting.

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Dragonfly’s intelligence reports, country and city risk ratings and daily travel risk monitor alerts within Silobreaker.


Flashpoint’s deep and dark web data, forum and chat content, and comprehensive intelligence reports within Silobreaker.


Intel471’s deep and dark web data, forum content, spot reports and intelligence reports within Silobreaker.


Query, visualise and consume Mandiant’s malware profiles, campaign and actor investigations, threat activity insights and more within Silobreaker.

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NVD’s vulnerability feeds and property data is fully integrated into Silobreaker.


A fully integrated phishing domain feed within Silobreaker.


Explore RANE’s critical insights, analysis, and forecasting on geopolitical intelligence. 

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VulDB’s vulnerability feeds and vast property data is fully integrated into Silobreaker.


We have a comprehensive range of enrichments from trusted industry players. The information sourced from external providers is automatically available and can easily be viewed via a single pane, from searches made within the Silobreaker intelligence platform.

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