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Maintain consumer confidence.

With outlets across the globe, complex networks, point-of-sale systems and huge amounts of stored personal data, retailers are faced with a multitude of cyber and physical threats on a daily basis.

Retail – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Retail.

Security compromises can have lasting repercussions that are costly and damaging for your brand.

Silobreaker automatically analyses and contextualises unstructured data from over a million open sources. This give you valuable visibility across your organisation’s assets on a unified platform, resulting in less time searching and more time spent on remediation.

Track campaigns against the retail industry.

Silobreaker combines powerful search and analysis capabilities with proprietary relevance algorithms. As a result, you are able to detect cyber threats targeting your industry without having to consume large amounts of data.

Importantly, when armed with full visibility of your threat landscape you can develop a clear picture of what you need to protect your organisation.

Silobreaker Retail Campaign Analysis
Silobreaker Retail Top Stories – Cyber Threats

Extract leaked assets quickly and efficiently.

Use Silobreaker to pivot across millions of documents from open sources to the deep & dark web. In just a single search you can quickly extract email addresses, subdomains, IP addresses and credit card numbers associated with your company. 

In addition, our alerting function will inform you whenever exposure takes place.

Identify products and CVEs as soon as they are disclosed.

Use Silobreaker to extract CVEs or mentions of products from hundreds of thousands of sources. This massively speeds up the discovery and actionability of new vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can track vulnerabilities mentioned within a customised portfolio of software and hardware configured for you.

Silobreaker Dark Web Monitoring
Silobreaker Hot Spots – Retail Incident Reporting

Gain real-time visibility into your business locations.

Track how locations are mentioned in the context of regional instability factors. These can include riots and protests, crime, terrorism, and inclement weather.