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Frequently asked questions

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  • How can I request a quote?

    Please contact us

  • What is Silobreaker and how is it delivered?

    Silobreaker is a hosted SaaS platform delivered through your web browser

  • What pricing model does Silobreaker provide?

    Silobreaker is offered on a yearly subscription basis, subject to our terms of use

  • What factors determine the pricing of Silobreaker?

    Pricing is based on the number of user accounts and which premium content sets and services are needed

  • Is Silobreaker available on a package basis?

    Several subscription packages are available, including for volume and multi-year discounts

  • What is the minimum subscription period?

    The minimum subscription period is 12 months

  • What is included when I purchase Silobreaker?

    Enterprise subscriptions include out-of-the-box:

    – Aggregated data in 21 languages from millions of open web sources
    – User accounts and administration tools
    – Subject to fair use, unlimited: visualisations, searches, dashboards, watchlists and email alerts
    – Onboarding and support from our customer success team

  • How much customisation is included when purchasing Silobreaker?

    Dashboards, watchlists, source lists, reports and alerts are tailored to every customer’s use-cases and requirements

  • How much training and support is provided?

    Silobreaker offers support and services tailored to the needs, requirements, and preferences of our customers. For more information see Silobreaker Services

  • What user support is available?

    Standard technical support is included in every subscription

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