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Silobreaker's versatility allows it to be used in different ways across many industries.

By Need

Asset Monitoring
Monitor assets such as credentials, domains, IP-addresses, emails, card numbers.

Business Watch and Compliance
Track and understand developments in your industry and regulatory environment which may impact your business.

Corporate & Physical Risk
Respond to physical risks, world events or geopolitical events in your locations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence
Gather and act upon information about actors, malware, campaigns, data breaches, and more.

Intelligence Reporting
Tools for collaboration, alerting, and the production of reports.

Strategic & Political Risk
Monitor geopolitical and economic risk and its potential impact on your organisation.

Vulnerability Intelligence
Identify and prioritise vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, and the exploits which could be leveraged against you.

By Industry

Energy & Utilities
Identify and understand attack methodology against critical infrastructure.

Financial Services
Investigate malicious actors and campaigns targeting banks, insurers, and more.

Government & Defence
Gain visibility into threats against networks, locations, assets, high-profile employees and more.

Healthcare & Pharma
Protect day-to-day operations and life-critical systems against opportunistic and state sponsored actors.

Media & Entertainment
Gain insight into the threat landscape to protect your users, employees, operations and reputation from harm.

Monitor cyber and physical threats against retailers, payment portals, point-of-sale systems, and more.

Service Providers
Extract insights into threats that could affect the assets and infrastructure of your clients.

Tech & Telecoms
Keep up-to-date with malicious campaigns targeting infrastructure and sensitive data in the tech industry.