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Silobreaker Services

Advanced or tailored training in the use Silobreaker, or specialised training in OSINT.

Analyst-on-demand service by experts on the use of Silobreaker for prompt support in relation to an event or incident.

Digests & Alerts
Monitoring and summarising news and developments for any topic, threat, security issue, political issue, company or industry.

Reputation & Brand Watch
Screening of local, regional, global and social media outlets for adverse or derogatory reporting.

Counterparty Screening
Review of open sources and public records for verification of registration details, beneficial ownership and stakeholders, as well as a reputational assessment of the counterparty in question and its stakeholders.

Threat Pack
Detection and review of  open source information about a company executive or other individual and assess the risk for being targeted in the physical and/or digital domain.

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