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Global Financial Services Firm Elevates Intelligence Analysis

Case study

Analyst teams use Silobreaker to enhance intelligence collection, improve collaboration between teams and deliver more efficient, higher-quality reporting.

The Challenge

The global financial services firm faced several critical challenges that hindered their threat intelligence efforts. Firstly, analysts spent excessive hours manually sourcing articles from internal and external platforms, straining resources, causing them to miss essential information due to the inability to expand their source range. This put stress and pressure on the team and impacted stakeholder expectations.

Analysts struggled to strike a balance between understanding the larger threat landscape, such as year-long Russian APT activity and delving into specific areas, like recent APT28 campaigns. This lack of cohesion hindered their ability to provide comprehensive and high-quality intelligence to stakeholders.

Also, the company grappled with siloed intelligence requirements, as analysts across cyber, strategic and geopolitical teams separately tracked the same threats without a collaborative tool to share insights. This led to redundant work and missed opportunities for efficient information sharing, particularly concerning complex situations like the Russia-Ukraine war.

Lastly, inefficient information collection, processing and analysis procedures impeded report quality and speed. This hindered the financial services firm’s CSO from adopting a proactive threat management approach and eroded other key decision-makers’ confidence in their choices. Overall, these challenges underscored the need for a streamlined, collaborative and efficient intelligence solution.

The Solution

The financial services firm turned to Silobreaker for a solution that would offer all the tools they need in one place, from the automated collection and processing of structured and unstructured, open-source, deep and dark web and finished intelligence data, to the analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence.

Silobreaker identified additional sources and integrations and set up custom dashboards tailored to the financial services firm intelligence requirements. Through a series of training sessions, analysts across all areas were quickly up-to-speed on how to leverage the platform effectively for their needs.

The financial services firm’s intelligence teams were also trained on how best to monitor different feeds, triage information and analyse data using Silobreaker’s visualisation tools. They also learned how to work with the captured and analysed information, with a focus on efficiency, workflow and collaboration. A reporting workflow was also established so analysts can easily and efficiently disseminate intelligence to relevant stakeholders.

The Outcome

  • Expand their collection of sources and gain a more complete view of the threats and risks facing the financial services firm
  • Work collaboratively across teams to share vital information and fulfil intelligence requirements more efficiently
  • Provide streamlined, high-quality reporting at greater speed to stakeholders, boosting decision-maker confidence and proactive threat-management
  • Seamlessly switch between investigating specific campaigns, and taking a broader view of such activity over the whole year
  • Access premium deep and dark web data feeds for more comprehensive coverage of underground threat actor activity
  • Provide intelligence to additional internal stakeholders, like the financial services firm’s supplier risk management team


Global Financial Services Firm

Company size

100,000+ employees

Solution users

CTI Analysts
Geopolitical risk analysts
Physical security analysts
Cybercrime analysts
Security operations centre


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