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Third-Party and Supply Chain Risk Intelligence

Third-party suppliers are integral to daily operations, yet they also present a significant risk to every business. Attacks on third parties were responsible for nearly 30% of breaches last year, with the healthcare and finance industries being the most victimised. Reducing your exposure to third-party risk is essential and requires understanding and acting on your suppliers’ security posture, breach history and ransomware susceptibility.

Monitor for exposure and increased risk

Track the suppliers that are critical to your operations and would cause major disruption if compromised. Implement continuous monitoring to detect breaches, ransomware incidents or insider threats promptly, ensuring you can react with enough time to protect your business.

Enhance supplier oversight

A rapidly evolving threat landscape makes it difficult to stay ahead of strategic risks. From supply chain disruption to nation-state activity, automate your routine assessments with powerful analytics and data collection from open, deep, dark and social media sources.

Streamline procurement and onboarding

Augment your vendor assessment process to reduce onboarding risk and understand whether existing third-party suppliers are staying within your organisation’s risk tolerance levels.


Centralised dashboard and watchlists for tracking supplier incidents

Real-time alerts for breaches and ransomware threats within your supply chain

Actor and industry-specific threat intelligence from OSINT and dark web

Daily briefs and finished intelligence on third-party risk events

Supplier validation and onboarding with dedicated customer success team

Take action on supply chain risk faster

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