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Energy & Utilities

Fortify your infrastructure.

Functional critical infrastructure is essential for society to operate. Energy and utility companies must leverage cyber threat intelligence to prevent incapacity or destruction of their operations.

Energy and Utilities – ICS/SCADA Cyber – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Energy & Utilities.

Silobreaker analyses and serves contextualised threat intelligence in your landscape, cutting through the noise to enable you to draw faster, meaningful conclusions.

Monitor cyber attacks targeting the energy sector.

Customised dashboards provide threat intelligence on the malicious campaigns and threat actors targeting your organisation or sector, both locally and internationally. And report results using intuitive visualisations which make the data easy to understand and act on.

You can see which malware and threat actors are trending and why by using out Heat and Time Series tools.

Energy and ICS/SCADA Cyber – Top Stories

The scope and nature of an attack may not be clear from the beginning, leading to slower discovery, identification and remediation.

On average, system breaches take 200 days to be discovered and patched.

Energy and ICS/SCADA Cyber – Network

Put critical issues into context.

Silobreaker provides evidence-based connections between different data sets, showing you how threat actors, vulnerabilities, attack types, and malware are connected.

Importantly, this complete context around topics of interest allows you to make evidence-based decisions when implementing protective or preventative measures.

Silobreaker can detect and monitor unusual activity around your assets such as domains, emails, IP ranges, and more. Stay informed whenever an exposure takes place with our alerting function. This allows you to remain dynamic and use preventative measures at the earliest opportunity.

Receive real-time alerts when credentials are exposed.