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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


Threat Intelligence for Energy and Utilities

Gain a comprehensive understanding of threats targeting the supply of your goods and services. Develop proactive strategies for managing and mitigating risks by keeping track of cyber, physical and geopolitical threats to your operations.

Develop better informed decision-making for ensuring business continuity and public safety

Identify, understand and prioritise threats to take timely decisions and minimise service disruption. Silobreaker can help you keep track of trends and incidents involving nation-state campaigns, supply chain vulnerabilities or operational technology.

Boost your defences through a deeper understanding of threat actor behaviour

Silobreaker’s powerful analytics help in identifying adversary capabilities, motivations and techniques.

Monitor a broad spectrum of threats in a single platform

Address intelligence requirements of a multitude of internal stakeholders, strengthening and elevating your organisation’s approach to tackling new and evolving risks. Set up continuous monitoring based on the nature of services you provide and the geopolitical landscape in which you operate.

Deliver high quality intelligence to decision-makers quicker

Leverage Silobreaker’s reporting, alerting and API feed capabilities to automate manual tasks and disseminate intelligence internally more efficiently.

“What can I say, we love Silobreaker. I can’t recommend it enough to our partners and during my speaking engagements.”

Director of Counter Threats, Global Software Company

Explore how a global energy company leverages Silobreaker to deliver timely and relevant intelligence to stakeholders to ensure the reliability and continuity of services to customers.

Global Energy Company Powers up Intelligence Workflow

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Keep informed and take relevant action

Start monitoring threats to your operations, products and services, all in one place using Silobreaker.