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Silobreaker Physical Risk Intelligence

Confidently make risk management decisions and enhance crisis response with the latest intelligence on physical risks impacting global business, regional stability, and cyber security.

Protect people, infrastructure and assets

Silobreaker delivers real-time threat intelligence to protect people, infrastructure, and physical and digital assets from a wide range of adversaries. It automatically collects and extracts actionable intelligence from millions of dissimilar sources, to provide organisations, armed forces and government agencies with a single view of critical events as they happen.

Help to define and expand Stakeholder PIRs 

Get immediate access to over 100 best-practice dashboards and watchlists, tracking physical security risk, geopolitical developments and cyberthreats to fast-track your delivery of priority intelligence requirements (PIRs).

Track physical security events in real-time

Identify unusual activity and areas of interest in seconds, with automatic collection and aggregation of news, Telegram chats, forum posts, and physical locations with visualisations of geographic hotspots and time series analysis.

Mobilise analysts quickly and respond confidently

Monitor developing physical security incidents, terrorist plots, and health and humanitarian crises in one collaborative console –identifying more threats and alerting stakeholders faster with integrated reports sent in a click.

Collect the right physical security intelligence

Our team quickly determines the data you need to deliver on physical security intelligence requirements, fully automating the collection and aggregation of news on protests, warzones, terrorist groups, abductions and attacks, pandemics, natural disasters and extreme weather, in one place.

The Silobreaker Intelligence Hub aggregates this vast and continuously updated source set including news, blogs, social media posts and Telegram chats, deep and dark web forums, video content and finished intelligence reports.

Process unstructured data at scale

The most inaccessible, unstructured OSINT data sources often deliver the highest value when monitoring physical risks.

Silobreaker specialises in collecting, processing, and extracting relevance from this unstructured and text-heavy data, including conversational data – making the hardest-to-access intelligence all usable at scale.

Track your organisation’s assets

Discover how your locations are mentioned in the context of regional instability factors, including riots and protests, crime, terrorism, and inclement weather.

The Silobreaker Relevance Engine provides automatic geolocation and hot spot analysis, extracting and connecting relevant entities across all intelligence data and in 20 languages, with automatic translation of sources for rapid analysis.

Visualise trends and unusual activity

Our analytical tools aggregate intelligence data at scale to give you a head start on the mainstream news cycle.

Using machine learning and algorithms, the Silobreaker Relevance Engine makes it easy to see trending topics and conversations and highlight unusual reporting about areas and assets you protect, giving you the evidence and context required to guide confident risk management decisions.

Produce actionable intelligence in hours, not weeks

Optimising analyst workflows is easy with the Silobreaker Workspace, which simplifies the intelligence cycle in one collaborative console to uncover and communicate threats to physical safety faster.

The Silobreaker Workspace unites the intelligence cycle, connecting data collection, processing, analysis, reporting, and dissemination in a single workflow.

  • Create unlimited dashboards for all physical risk PIRs and expand visibility to connected cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, economic and political stability
  • Transform complex data into easy-to-understand reports that geolocate clusters of activity from disparate sources and visualise patterns of behaviour
  • Collaborate with your entire team in one console, create reports, preserve sources for future reference and communicate alerts in a click

Integrate physical threat intelligence with existing tools

The Silobreaker API enables organisations to build unlimited custom feeds into preferred tools and interfaces to deliver current and comprehensive data on global physical risks to employees, facilities and investments.

Deliver value across your organisation

Silobreaker’s single console makes it easy for you to get an early warning when physical events, conflicts, activism or natural disasters are about to take place, so you can be prepared and manage the risk.