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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


First Party Intelligence

With the average cost of a data breach sitting at more than $4 million, the security of your organisation’s data and digital assets has never been more important. We provide the capabilities needed to detect and alert on exposure across the open, deep and dark web, ensuring that your business is protected.

Monitor for digital asset exposure

Receive alerts upon detection of your digital assets, from IPs and domains to credentials and credit cards. With full context into sourcing and results across millions of sources, your team can investigate and act quickly, reducing the impact of exposure.

Detect and prevent brand abuse

Protect your brand by triaging typosquatting incidents, brand abuse events and executive impersonation. Your team can receive alerts, view images of offending sites and request takedowns from a single platform.

Mitigate attacks and reduce risk

Staying ahead of bad actors means understanding how they operate. Pick up on new fraud techniques and tactics as well as insider threats across multiple channels, enabling you to mitigate attacks early.


Coverage and detection across open, deep and dark web, Telegram and illicit marketplaces

Dashboards and powerful analytics for full-context discovery and investigation

Handle typosquatting detection and takedowns

Monitor thousands of assets at a time with unlimited watchlists

Protect your digital assets and brand from risk

Uncover fraud, brand abuse and digital asset exposure putting your business and customers at risk with a Silobreaker demo.