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From unstructured data to actionable intelligence.

Collect, contextualise, analyse, visualise, share and report.
Silobreaker covers it all.

Sources: Open – Internal – Premium – Deep & Dark Web


We collect and aggregate data from nearly a million external sources across the web. We also integrate data from many premium providers as well as any data supplied by you for the exclusive use of your organisation.


Get all the latest from news, blogs, feeds, social, research, press releases, reports and much more. We aggregate open source data in 18 languages covering nearly every topic and industry.


Enrich the value of premium content by analysing it, seeing connections to other sources and comparing detailed findings between data sets.

Deep and dark web

Work with raw forum data and finished reports from our leading underground intelligence partners. Expand your perspective by working seamlessly between the open and closed web.


Import internal reports, observables and other business data for secure and exclusive access to users in your organisation.

Contextualise, Analyse and Visualise.

Our technology uses data fusion techniques and machine learning algorithms to process, contextualise and bring meaning to all the data. By understanding the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’, as well as the relationships between them, Silobreaker cuts through the noise to uncover the information most valuable to you.

Since contextualising the data brings order and structure to it, you can use charts and other visualisations to display the results for your queries. This makes it easier to analyse and interpret the information and to present your findings to colleagues and stakeholders.

Silobreaker UI – Network – ATP28


Customise multiple queries and manage use-cases and projects more easily with the use of dashboards. Create as many as you need, then share them with colleagues for collaboration and workflow support.

Heat – Hacker Groups


Get early warnings about who or what is getting unusual amounts of attention. Heat shows what’s trending in the last 24 hours and for the last week.

Hot Spots

Hot Spots

Perform real-time geo-mapping of news and events. Overlay the data with coordinates for your own geo-locations to evaluate threats to your operations from civil unrest, natural disasters, pandemics, criminal activity or terrorist attacks. 

Time Series – Malware

Time Series

See how stories have broken, evolved and spread. Explore further through industry, sector or geography to understand why specific people, companies, hacker groups or other entity types are trending

360 Search – Malware

360 Search

Get a level of perspective that plain search results don’t provide. 360 Search gives you an overview of what is relevant from all the latest data, enriched with our analytics and contextualised visualisations.


In Focus

Utilise Silobreaker’s constantly expanding ecosystem of entities to extract key players and insights in the data, the relationships between them and the impact they have on events, companies and industries.

Analyse and Visualise – Email Alerts, Reports, Collaborate, Mobile App

Share and Report.

Creating and compiling finished intelligence doesn’t have to be difficult. Silobreaker is an intelligence tool built for collaboration. It’s easy to set up customised email alerts, share content and write reports, while a variety of distribution tools makes report creation and dissemination straightforward.

All Silobreaker content, including visualisations, can be incorporated into company reports using customisable templates, ensuring complete integration with your team’s workflow. These reports can be created collaboratively and exported in multiple formats, supporting the dynamism and flexibility of modern intelligence teams.

What our clients say
about Silobreaker.

“What has previously taken weeks to research and complete, we‘ve managed to finish in a single day with Silobreaker.”

Senior Research Analyst,
Global Technology Company

“What can I say, we love Silobreaker. I can’t recommend it enough to our partners and during my speaking engagements.”

Director of Counter Threats,
Global Software Company

“There was a major incident last week and the first we knew of it – despite all manner of other confidential feeds – was through Silobreaker.”

Head of OSINT,
Naval Force

“Silobreaker’s innovative product, along with exceptional customer service, has made it a primary tool in our cyber intelligence research platform.”

Threat Intelligence Manager,
Leading Retailer

“We have found this to be our open source intel workhorse. No cyber threat analyst should be without it.”

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