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Silobreaker Intelligence Platform

Silobreaker is a SaaS platform that breaks down data silos across cyber, geopolitical risk and physical threats to create actionable intelligence at unprecedented speed.

Silobreaker’s centralised approach to intelligence saves time, reduces duplication of effort and improves productivity for teams of any size.

One platform to unify the 
intelligence cycle

Silobreaker scales your security teams and accelerates their output by automating data collection and bringing intelligence production and delivery into a single platform.


Planning & direction

Manage your intelligence requirements in one place.

Capture, organise and share priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) across multiple use cases.

Work with our team of expert analysts to operationalise existing requirements, create deliverables and develop tasking to meet fresh challenges.

Automated data collection

Automate the selection and collection of data from millions of open, dark web and finished intelligence sources.

  • Powerful open-source collection and aggregation that supports a wide range of OSINT requirements.
  • Near real-time collection of unstructured, conversational data in blogs, social media, forums and chats
  • Centralisation of data from global leaders in specialised intelligence – including Flashpoint, Mandiant, RANE, Intel471, VulDB, and more

Machine processing for complex data at scale

The Silobreaker intelligence platform handles entity extraction, link analysis, document clustering, relevance ranking, translation and deduplication, to ensure accurate analysis and to minimise false positives. 

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning models, are used to surface context from unstructured data automatically in over 20 languages.

Focus your team on intelligence production

Work together using a single toolkit that enables intelligence teams to deliver higher quality, more relevant insights, faster.

Silobreaker handles the heavy lifting, and supplies a suite of analytical tooling, so that your teams can focus their efforts on creating intelligence.

Deliver intelligence to your stakeholders

Use built-in, highly customisable reporting and alerting features to package and deliver intelligence to key stakeholders.

Silobreaker makes it easy to create attractive templates and built deliverables that reflect the needs of different decision-makers.

Multi-disciplinary intelligence

The growing interdependence of cyber, geopolitical, and physical threats demands multi-disciplinary intelligence that enables businesses to address complex and evolving priorities.

Silobreaker empowers teams to deliver relevant, accurate intelligence without silos for proactive decision-making based on real-time data.

Support for your critical intelligence requirements

Protect your organisation as your requirements evolve.

Get more value from your intelligence

Optimise your sources

Bring your premium intelligence subscriptions together by seamlessly integrating them into our unified intelligence platform.

Add deep context

Enrich existing CTI tools with deeper context and relevance from Silobreaker’s vast collection of sources.

Integrate your tools

Use Silobreaker’s API to integrate threat intelligence into your SIEM or TIP, operationalise IT security, and improve collaboration.

Take the next step with your trusted partner

At Silobreaker we work with you to help define your priority intelligence requirements, collect data, perform platform training and provide support that meets your needs.