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Financial Services

Identify, protect, respond.

 Financial services companies lose an average of $18.5 million per year through malicious activity – the most of any sector.

How are you prioritising threats?

Financial Services Industry – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Financial Services.

The financial sector is a prime target for sophisticated threat actors, but access to information is only half the battle.

Silobreaker is the OSINT platform of choice for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. With built-in collection, analysis and dissemination tools that support every stage in the intelligence cycle, your team can use Silobreaker to make tailored workflows and efficiently deliver risk intelligence to stakeholders.

Visualise threats and trends around your organisation.

Our array of analytical tools can be used to monitor geopolitical trends and security threats across key business locations.

Silobreaker’s Hot Spots tool allows you to gain insights into the topics relevant to your organisation. It does this by clustering the results and displaying them in an interactive, visual way.

Physical Security Threats – Areas of Operation

Real-time alerting when an exposure takes place.

Credit cards and BIN numbers related to your organisation can be detected across open and deep & dark web sources. Our real-time alerting functionality will notify you as soon as your organisation’s credentials are detected.

By extracting CVEs or mentions of products from hundreds of thousands of sources, Silobreaker massively speeds up the discovery of new vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can track vulnerabilities mentioned within a customised portfolio of software and hardware configured for you.

Identify products and CVEs as soon as they are disclosed.

Track campaigns, actors, and malware targeting the financial sector.

Customised dashboards provide intelligence on the malicious campaigns and threat actors targeting your organisation or sector, locally or internationally. Following this, the results are reported using intuitive visualisations which make the data easy to understand and act on.

With the help of our Heat and Time Series tools, you can see which malware and threat actors are trending over time, and why.

Attack Type Mentions
Banking Malware – Network Widget

Investigate malware developments and trends.

Silobreaker provides evidence-based connections between different data sets. The results show you why threat actors, vulnerabilities, attack types, and malware are connected.

By painting the complete context around topics of interest, you can make evidence-based decisions to implement protective or preventative measures.

Visualise information
exposure in your landscape.

Use the Time Series tool to visualise your customer information exposure against your competitors. By doing this you can get an understanding if you are being targeted an unusual amount within the industry.

Similarly, analytical tools can also identify when employee credentials have been mentioned within data, allowing you to action any exposures.

Email Mentions – Time Series

Identify and understand reputational risks.

Silobreaker’s customisable dashboards allow you to maintain a strategic view of your industry or sector. With this you can track developments in any space, while understanding the broader trends that impact long-term business interests.

One platform delivering at every stage of the intelligence cycle.

Silobreaker acts as an intelligence hub where unstructured data can be collected, searched, analysed, and contextualised with information from other external or internal sources.

Additionally, our built-in collaboration and dissemination features mean that your security teams can make tailored workflows to efficiently deliver cyber risk intelligence to stakeholders.

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