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Healthcare & Pharma

Check your vitals.

With over 41 million patient records breached in 2019 alone, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is a key target for both opportunistic and state-sponsored hackers.

Healthcare and Pharma – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Healthcare and Pharma.

Silobreaker helps healthcare and pharmaceutical companies protect themselves by providing real-time insight into threats, attacks, vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Our proprietary technology saves you time by automatically collecting, analysing and contextualising content from over a million sources every day. With the results in a customisable and easy-to-navigate set of dashboards, security teams can identify and respond with greater speed and efficacy than ever before

Gain visibility into your industry.

We track all the right sources for you, then pull that reporting into Silobreaker in near real-time.

By filtering by industry or sector, you’ll be able to track important developments of any kind, from new ransomware campaigns and data breaches to zero-day vulnerabilities in medical devices.

Silobreaker Top Stories – Healthcare and Pharma
Trending Malware & Healthcare

Stay on top of threats.

We monitor for cyber threats across more than a million sources, including news, blogs, feeds, forums and social media.

Working with large volumes of data can be difficult, but our analytical tools will pick up unusual reporting as it happens, enabling you to act upon the intelligence you’ve found at the earliest opportunity.

As the interconnectivity between medical devices and other clinical systems has increased, so has the number of vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Identify vulnerable products
and CVEs upon disclosure.

Tailored monitoring dashboards can automatically extract mentions of your products and associated vulnerabilities from millions of reports in near real-time.

Healthcare organisations typically employ thousands of critical products, making vulnerability prioritisation a complex task.

We go beyond CVSS metrics and track how vulnerabilities are actually discussed and leveraged by threat actors, giving you a fuller picture of which products to patch, when, and why.

Streamline your vulnerability remediation process.

Monitor and detect leaked credentials.

Silobreaker can monitor for leaks of patient, employee or company data across a source set that includes paste sites and dark web forums.

Our alerting tools will inform you whenever an exposure is detected, and direct you to the source of the leak. Any discovered credentials can be downloaded in a variety of formats, allowing them to be triaged appropriately.

Silobreaker Data Breaches Monitor