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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


Threat Intelligence for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical 

The healthcare sector remains a top target of ransomware actors. Due to the interconnected nature of the sector, ransomware attacks and subsequent data breaches can have a devastating impact. Not only do they create financial losses, but they can also severely disrupt patient care and damage the reputation and trust of the organisation.

Be proactive by keeping on top of attack trends

Silobreaker’s threat intelligence platform provides contextual insight into the threat landscape impacting your industry ahead of mainstream news. Keep up to date with targeting trends of ransomware groups, the exploitation of vulnerabilities in technology commonly used across the sector, and any possible data breaches impacting your employees or patients.

Protect sensitive data and valuable IP

The theft of intellectual property, such as drug formulations, research data, and proprietary technologies, is a major concern. Stay ahead of threat actors targeting valuable information for financial gain or competitive advantage.

Avoid patient disruption and financial losses

Security teams can use Silobreaker to identify threats, produce intelligence and disseminate findings – all in one place. Our customisable dashboards enable you to drill down on specific campaigns against the healthcare sector, such as phishing, ransomware, or exploitation, to enable defenders to respond faster and more effectively than ever before.

Supporting more healthcare and pharmaceutical intelligence requirements

Cover more intelligence requirements with fewer tools using the Silobreaker intelligence platform.

We have become the go-to people in the organisation to find information quickly.

Security engineer for an IT services and consulting company

Protect your patients, shareholders and reputation

Stay ahead of threats impacting patients and healthcare operations with highly curated threat intelligence from Silobreaker.