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Data Breach Intelligence

Intelligence informs risk. With the average cost of a data breach at over $4 million today, organisations need to be armed with the relevant intelligence to anticipate, monitor and prioritise the threats targeting their data, technology, assets and supply chain.

Build a proactive defence against data breaches

Silobreaker delivers real-time threat intelligence from millions of OSINT and dark web sources, finished intelligence and feeds. Using our analytical tools, your team can investigate leaks and breaches affecting your industry to better understand the current threats that may also impact your own organisation.

Understand the changing threat landscape

Gain comprehensive insights into the evolving threat landscape, global data breach risks, threat actors, targets and vulnerabilities in a single platform, so your team can analyse the risks in context, enabling a stronger defence against attacks.

Reduce your risk faster

Use automated alerts to stay informed about critical attack trends, such as common phishing tactics or exploited vulnerabilities, to prevent a breach at your organisation. Promptly detect security risks so your team can respond quickly and minimise the impact on your organisation and customers.


Unrivalled visibility across millions of OSINT and dark web sources in near real-time

Comprehensive data on global threat actors and their evolving TTPs

Vulnerability assessments tailored to your unique tech stack

Finished intelligence reports and daily summaries on actors and events

AI-enhanced report building and customisable alerting for key stakeholders

Stop data breaches before they happen

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