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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


How Leaders in Threat Intelligence use Silobreaker

Empower your threat intelligence team to produce and disseminate timely, relevant, data-led intelligence reports that speak to all your stakeholders’ requirements.

Streamline and elevate your intelligence operations

Let Silobreaker take over manual tasks, enabling analysts to focus on producing high-quality intelligence that evolves with your stakeholders’ needs. Foster cross-functional collaboration and de-duplication of tasks by managing priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) in a single platform. Spend more time engaging with stakeholders and let Silobreaker do the heavy lifting.

Get insights to stakeholders - faster

Streamline the production of intelligence products and cater to unique stakeholder requirements and preferences. Silobreaker offers a wide range of capabilities for alerting, reporting and exporting key information to keep decision makers informed and help them manage and mitigate risks quicker.

Make your job simpler

Transform the way your intelligence team operates regardless of its size, maturity or resources. Leverage prebuilt monitoring and speed up analysis through powerful visualisations to start reporting on risks impacting your organisation. Through the support of Silobreaker’s dedicated Customer Success team, access best practices from leading intelligence functions to help you reach your objectives.

“To generate the same depth and timeliness of insight as we get with Silobreaker, I would need a team at least twice as large.”


Intelligence analyst for government agency

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Streamline your organisation’s threat intelligence capabilities

Create intelligence that’s tuned to organisational needs. Ensure decision-makers get the information they need to anticipate threats and protect assets.