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for cyber, geopolitical and physical risk
Best practices guide: How to build a requirements-driven intelligence programme

Make intelligence-led decisions to strengthen operational resilience

Silobreaker is a SaaS platform that helps organisations transform data into actionable intelligence for a range of use cases, including cyber threat intelligence, supply chain disruption and threat landscape monitoring. 

Our platform collects data from millions of sources, enabling intelligence teams to identify and monitor threats across cyber, geopolitical, and physical security in real-time. This empowers stakeholders to make proactive, intelligence-led decisions to mitigate emerging risks and bolster operational resilience.

Cyber Threats
Physical Security
Geopolitical Risks

Be the first to know about emerging threats and risks and take action

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Faster time to insight and higher quality of insight
Deliver multi-disciplinary intelligence on emerging threats and risks that decision-makers can trust.
Improved operational efficiency
Automate the intelligence cycle in a centralised platform, integrated into your workflow for improved efficiency and collaboration.
Reduced risk to your organisation
Build priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) aligned to your risk profile, so stakeholders can make intelligence-led decisions to safeguard the business.

Improve the efficiency and productivity 
of your intelligence team

Discover intelligence
Achieve over
return on investment (ROI)
improved analyst productivity
According to Enterprise Strategy Group 2024 Report: Analysing the Economic Benefits of the Silobreaker Intelligence Platform
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Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): Analysing the economic benefits of Silobreaker


Trusted by global corporations, financial services 
organisations and government agencies

Silobreaker continues to deliver the best return on investment from all premium intelligence vendors.

Cyber Threat Lead, US Financial Institution

Silobreaker’s innovative product, along with exceptional customer service, has made it a primary tool in our cyber intelligence research platform.

Threat Intelligence Manager, Leading Retailer

There was a major incident last week and the first we knew of it – despite all manner of other confidential feeds – was through Silobreaker.

Head of OSINT, Naval Force
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