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Tech & Telecoms

Stay threat-savvy.

With complex networks of critical infrastructure and large amounts of sensitive data, technology and telecommunications organisations are prime targets for malicious campaigns.

Tech and Telecoms – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Technology and Telecom.

Vulnerabilities are under constant exploitation, with new flaws being discovered on a daily basis. As organisations use more software and devices than ever before, protecting your assets from any potential exploitation is paramount.

Silobreaker analyses and contextualises unstructured data from thousands of open sources, across millions of documents. Our technology helps you to efficiently pinpoint and understand cyber threats in the context of both your organisation and the world at large.


Identify vulnerabilities within complex infrastructures.

The technology and telecoms sector presents an abundance of opportunities for malicious actors to exploit networking equipment, smartphones, IoT devices and more. Compromised infrastructure can result in espionage, data breaches, financial loss, and denial of service.

Silobreaker’s toolset allows you to pivot across millions of documents and quickly extract mentions of CVEs or products over time. You can use this data to put effective patch prioritisation and remediation activities in place.

Mentioned Assets/Vulnerabilities – Heat Widget
Attack Type Mentions – Time Series

Stay ahead of evolving
cyber threats.

Our powerful search capabilities can help you to identify what malware, threat actors, and attack types are being mentioned, whereas the Heat and Time Series tools will indicate whether the frequency at which they are mentioned is unusual. The results are reported using intuitive visualisations which make the data easy to understand and act on.

Discover emerging threats against your industry.

As cyber threats become ever-more sophisticated, it is crucial to look beyond individual data points to the connections that link them. Silobreaker connects the dots across different media and data types, showing the relationship between threat actors, targets, vulnerabilities, and exploits. We collect and make sense of the data so you can spend more time responding to threats.
Detect and monitor unusual activity around your specific credential sets including domains, emails, IP ranges, and more. Alerts will notify you whenever an exposure takes place, giving you valuable time to correct the situation and handle the outcome with more control.

Protect your assets
and sensitive data.