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Technology Manufacturer Unlocks Market Intelligence To Gain Business Advantage

Case study

Business development analysts utilise Silobreaker to automatically aggregate data around niche technology markets to uncover relationships and find strategic advantages in developing sectors.

The Challenge

A large European technology manufacturer in the defence, aerospace and transportation sector was looking to track industry trends and identify gaps in the market for potential areas of expansion. The manufacturer was planning to introduce new technology to the market and wanted to find out which countries would be most receptive to it. Additionally, they were looking to unlock insights into their competitors’ products and services to gain a strategic advantage.

Using their legacy solution, the manufacturer was unable to find information about their niche products in local media across a large number of markets and found it difficult to determine potential demand. This resulted in missed market gap insights that they could have used for business development opportunities. Moreover, the existing tool proved to be manual and laborious, offering no easy way to manage multiple lists of differently named products — and ultimately making it difficult to extract valuable intelligence insights at scale.

Additionally, the client was using a manual process to identify government tenders and invitations to bid on large government sponsored projects, which was proving to be inefficient. The analysts needed to streamline and automate their workflows to see significant efficiency gains and ensure that they were not missing out on published bid opportunities.

The Solution

Silobreaker gives the organisation a head start by automatically collecting and aggregating data from millions of open sources, local mainstream media, commercial threat feeds and leading industry research, all in one place.

This enables users to extract relevant trends and insights across multiple languages with a single search. Silobreaker provides access to a greater number of sources that would not have been detected otherwise — and eliminates noise to reduce analyst fatigue.

Consequently, analysts avoid wasting time manually collecting data and are able to draw on the most up-to-date intelligence to stay ahead of the competition in identifying new markets.

By connecting the entire intelligence production cycle into a single toolkit, Silobreaker integrates research, analytics, reports and alerts. As a result, business development analysts are able to deliver timely and actionable intelligence that decisionmakers could act on quickly and with confidence.

The Outcome

  • Upload custom lists and design advanced searches to monitor niche and emerging technologies in real-time
  • Set automated searches for government tenders on a single dashboard with scheduled email reports alerting each team member for unmatched visibility
  • Harness the Silobreaker Intelligence Platform to unlock relevant, high-fidelity intelligence about targeted technological concepts and their audiences across the globe
  • Create flexible, collaborative dashboards and alerts to track competitors and industry trends in the aerospace, defence, and transportation sector


European Technology Manufacturer

Company size

80,000+ employees

Solution users

Business Intelligence
Marketing Professionals
Business Development Analysts


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