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Government & Defence

Strengthen your forces.

With a myriad of networks, locations, assets and high-profile
employees, the government and defence sectors require clear visibility of their cyber and physical threat landscapes in order to deploy effective intelligence programmes.

Government and Defence – Cyber – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Government & Defence.

Built with the analyst in mind, Silobreaker’s tooling streamlines tasking, collection and dissemination, across a wide range of intelligence requirements.

With access to real-time data from over a million sources, our technology enables you to track cyber threats, geopolitical trends, natural disasters and political instability around the globe.

Monitor assets and areas of operations.

Visualise a set of assets or locations in relation to reporting on the ground. Track how they’re mentioned in the context of regional instability factors including riots and protests, crime, terrorism, health risks and natural disasters.

Instability Terms 1 day vs 7 days – Heat Widget

Track instabilities and identify breaking news.

Powerful analytical tools enable you to identify trends and unusual reporting around topics such as geopolitical events, protests, riots, activism, disease outbreaks and terrorist activities.

Silobreaker’s entity system makes it trivial to identify the things being discussed around a given topic, providing a shortcut through the collection process, allowing you to focus on dissemination.

Geopolitics will continue to be a huge motivation behind APT activity. Situationally-aware opportunists will exploit natural disasters, pandemics, terrorism and more to their advantage.

Pinpoint threat actors and malicious campaigns.

As cyber threats become ever-more sophisticated, it has become even more important to look beyond individual data points to the connections that link them.

By connecting the dots across different media and data types, Silobreaker quickly surfaces context from noise-heavy sources, giving you more time to respond to potential threats.

Silobreaker’s powerful search capabilities cut through millions of documents to extract the information most important for you.

These findings are often time sensitive. Alerts make sure that the right data is sent to the right stakeholders at the right time.

Contextually relevant
and timely alerting.