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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


Threat Intelligence for Service Providers

Service your customers more efficiently and provide relevant intelligence that resonates with customer preferences and requirements. Leveraging a single platform, deliver high quality intelligence to support the management and mitigation of cyber, geopolitical and physical risks.

Onboard new customers with ease

Silobreaker’s dashboards and templates make it easy to onboard new customers at scale. Build monitoring tailored to customer industries, geographies and assets. Easily maintain and update input per customer as requirements evolve.

Improve the quality and speed of service

Spend more time engaging with customers while Silobreaker automates manual and repetitive tasks. Leverage the platform’s collection and processing capabilities to quickly pick up on incidents that matter to your customers. Conduct deeper investigations efficiently using a wide range of analytical and visual features. Provide context for your assessments to help your customers make better informed decisions.

Comprehensive monitoring to support a wide range of intelligence requirements

Manage all your customers’ intelligence requirements in a single platform. Help your customers gain better visibility into cyber, physical and geopolitical risks that may impact their operations.

Customise reports and alerts to address unique customer needs

Through Silobreaker, develop efficient processes and a streamlined workflow for regular reporting as well as ad hoc requests. Deliver tailored risk assessments to each customer at speed, enhancing their overall experience with your services.

“What has previously taken weeks to research and complete, we’ve managed to finish in a single day with Silobreaker.”

Senior Research Analyst, Global Technology Company

A European consultancy firm was looking for a threat intelligence tool to streamline their reporting processes, reduce data noise, and deliver improved cybersecurity risk assessments to their clients.

European Consultancy Firm Protects Their Clients From Cyber Risks

Case study

Deliver high quality threat intelligence to your customers faster

Find and report on the most relevant threats to your customers more efficiently through Silobreaker.