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Service Providers

Extract the insights that
matter to your clients.

How do you protect the assets and infrastructure of your clients? Service providers need more than tactical and operational intelligence to mitigate threats and maintain their reputation. 

Service Providers – Silobreaker Dashboard

Silobreaker for Service Providers.

Silobreaker collects and contextualises unstructured data from across millions of documents to give you a 360-degree view of your threat landscape.

Gain visibility to threats.

Leveraging external unstructured web data makes it possible to understand the threats and adversaries you or your clients face beyond the perimeter of your organisation.

Our analytical tools and proprietary relevance algorithms make sense of the noise while pinpointing the threats most relevant to you. Customisable dashboards allow you to track threat actors, malware, and attack types targeting you or your sector.

Trending Cyber – Heat Widgets
Email Alert – Asset Monitoring

Protect assets and sensitive data.

Silobreaker can monitor unusual activity around you and your clients specific credential sets including domains, emails, IP ranges, and more.

Our alerting function will notify you whenever exposure takes place giving you valuable time to correct the situation.

Make patch prioritisation recommendations.

The increasing number of technology and devices used within organisations can inadvertently introduce more vulnerabilities for an attacker to exploit.

Silobreaker can detect CVEs, discussion of zero-days, and exploits alongside mentions of products. This will rapidly streamline the discovery and actionability of threats your clients may face. 

Deliver actionable intelligence to your clients.

Silobreaker acts as an intelligence hub where unstructured data can be collected, searched, analysed, and contextualised with information from other external or internal sources.

Built-in collaboration and dissemination features will allow your security teams to create tailored workflows and efficiently deliver actionable intelligence to stakeholders.