Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cover your blind spots.

Reporting on cyber threat activity is widely available, but does your organisation have the tools to collect, analyse and act on it?

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Silobreaker for Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Nearly all news and reporting on cyber threat activity takes place externally. Information is widely accessible, but very few organisations have the tools or the personnel to effectively act on it, leaving critical intelligence on the table.

By automatically analysing and contextualising unstructured data from nearly a million open, closed, deep and dark web sources, Silobreaker lets you look beyond your perimeter and understand cyber threats in the context of both your organisation and the world at large.

APT Monitoring

Understand APT motivations, discover who may be targeting your industry and proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

As data breaches become increasingly common, employee credentials and other sensitive data is frequently stolen.

Current Events: COVID-19

Discover how malicious actors are taking advantage of the pandemic to target your organisation.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen, and leverage OSINT to mitigate issues as they occur.

Events and Activism

The interplay between physical events and cyber threats has important consequences for your overall security posture.

Malware Intelligence

Identify malware targeting your industry and protect your employees through streamlined alerting and automation.

Phishing Intelligence

Track the latest campaigns that are trying to deceive employees and suppliers into parting with their credentials.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Effective vulnerability intelligence is vital to the process of prioritising and patching emerging exploits.

Track threat actors,
malware, and attack types.

Silobreaker makes it faster and easier to consume and analyse relevant information on malicious campaigns, threat actor activity and indicators of compromise.

Extract and contextualise hashes, domains and IP-addresses from any Silobreaker source, for ingestion into other platforms. Indicators can also be enriched automatically, by correlating them across our platform’s entire dataset.

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Find the needle in the haystack.

Powerful search and analysis capabilities and proprietary relevance algorithms allow users to pivot across millions of documents and extract insights quickly.

Investigations that previously took days or weeks can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

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Contextualise your cyber threat landscape.

Silobreaker can be used to map the relationship between threat actors and their targets, between vulnerabilities and exploits, and to detect and research trending threats targeting an entire industry.

By connecting the dots across different media and data types, Silobreaker quickly surfaces context from noise-heavy sources, giving you more time to respond to potential threats.

One platform delivering at every stage of
the intelligence cycle.

Silobreaker acts as an intelligence hub where unstructured data can be collected, searched, analysed, and contextualised with information from other external or internal sources.

Built-in collaboration and dissemination features mean that your security teams can create tailored workflows to efficiently deliver cyber risk intelligence to stakeholders.

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