Silobreaker Cyber Threat Intelligence

Understand and prioritise the relevant cyber threats and threat actor motivations that make you a target, at unparalleled speed.

Stop cyber security threats. Faster

Silobreaker detects risks to cybersecurity posture earlier than security products and teams can on their own. It automatically collects, analyses, and contextualises millions of data sources across OSINT, dark web, and finished intelligence so intel and SecOps teams can identify, understand, and act against threats faster.

Helps define and expand cyber security PIRs

Get immediate access to over 70 best-practice cybersecurity dashboards and watchlists, tracking ransomware, CVEs, threat actors, phishing and more. Fast-track your delivery of priority intelligence requirements (PIRs).

Prioritises threats and vulnerabilities that matter

Within seconds, automatic analysis of cyber threat landscapes, product vulnerabilities, and threat actor TTPs are mapped to intelligence requirements – all in a single console that supports security operations and strategic planning.

Creates an early warning system for cyber threats

Stay abreast of emerging threats as they arise with automated alerts to unlimited stakeholders that match intelligence requirements, or integrate with CTI and SIEM tools to operationalise threat intelligence across teams.

Deliver actionable cyber threat intelligence

Malware Intelligence

Identify ransomware and other malware targeting your organisation or industry, profiling the threat actors, attack types, and TTPs to deliver actionable SecOps intelligence.

Phishing Intelligence

Detect phishing campaigns targeting your organisation, employees, or customers with contextual analysis of threat actors, domains, and infrastructure so you can eliminate threats.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Automatically identify and connect emerging and trending exploits to your organisation’s hardware and software providing clear reports and alerts to effectively prioritise patching.


Brand Threat Intelligence

Stop your brand becoming the face of crime with a managed detection and takedown service to identify typosquatting domains, fake apps, phishing pages, and social media impostors.

Data Breaches

Be ready to respond when data breaches happen and monitor for third-party vendor breaches that could impact your supply chain due to malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks.

APT Monitoring

Discover APT groups’ behaviours and motivations, including exposure of trade secrets, theft of personally identifiable information, and compromise of critical infrastructure to proactively defend against them.

Asset Monitoring

Maintain visibility of employee credentials and other sensitive data across paste sites and dark web forums to prevent the misuse or sale of these valuable assets.

Converging Threats

Expand visibility from a single console to track the weaponisation of cyberthreats that target critical infrastructure, conflict zones, manufacturing, and economic stability that you rely on.

Collect the right cyber security intelligence

Our team quickly identifies the data you need to deliver on intelligence requirements before fully automating the collection and aggregation of cyber threat intelligence across all relevant open, dark web, and premium sources, industries, and languages in one place.

The Silobreaker Intelligence Hub aggregates this vast, and continuously updated source set including blogs and social media posts, deep and dark web data, malware, vulnerability analyses, Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), messaging platforms and forums, code repositories, and paste sites.

Connect your intelligence subscriptions

Save valuable time with a unique ecosystem of finished intelligence reports and bulletins found nowhere else, in one place.

Understand threat actors, malware and attack types

Silobreaker makes it faster and easier to consume and analyse relevant information on malicious campaigns, threat actor activity, and indicators of compromise.

Using machine learning and algorithms, the Silobreaker Relevance Engine automatically extracts and contextualises all entities including domains, IP addresses, and hashes from any Silobreaker source. Indicators can also be enriched automatically by connecting linked entities and aliases across our entire database.

Reveal who would attack you

Automatically identify connections between threat actors and their targets in real-time.

The Silobreaker Relevance Engine makes cyber threat intelligence 100% relevant to your organisation. It reveals connections between vulnerabilities and exploits, phishing attacks, and ransomware payloads, and detects trending threats targeting your organisation, suppliers, infrastructure, or anything else you care about with millisecond response times.

Stop threats targeting your assets

As a critical data source for relevancy, internal watch lists of company executives, customer credentials, IT, and security hardware and software can all be monitored for threats 24/7.

Silobreaker notifications then instantly alert security teams to relevant threats, including phishing campaigns, credential leaks, and critical vulnerabilities.

Save time with one connected intelligence workflow

The Silobreaker Workspace gives you time back, simplifying the intelligence cycle by connecting intelligence collection, processing, analysis, production, and dissemination in a single workflow.

  • Create unlimited dashboards for all PIRs to aggregate data, analysing threat actors, vulnerabilities, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks
  • Monitor for leaked credentials, passwords, keys, financial information, and PII that appears online
  • Transform complex data into easy-to-understand visualisations with heat rankings, time series, and relationship maps
  • With the click of a button, collaborate with your entire team from one console, creating reports, communicating alerts, and preserving sources

Unite teams across your organisation

Easily integrate with third-party services via API to pull indicators of compromise, documents, and feeds from Silobreaker into the workflows you already use to share information across your security teams.

Threats are converging. Be prepared

Silobreaker’s single console helps you tackle the convergence of cyber, physical, and geopolitical threats with ease, providing a single view for a connected and strategic understanding of threats, risks, and opportunities.