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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


Geopolitical and Physical Risk Intelligence

In our interconnected world, global events can have both immediate and long-term effects on business security and operations. From political unrest to natural disasters, understanding the shifting geopolitical landscape is a crucial step towards safeguarding assets and maintaining business continuity. The Silobreaker intelligence platform provides the comprehensive geopolitical intelligence you need to navigate risks, seize opportunities and remain resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Monitor your areas of operation

Stay aware and ahead of local incidents that could impact daily operations, from protests and violence to transport disruption and inclement weather. Our powerful analytics and timely reporting empower your team to respond to evolving risks proactively.

Comprehensive region and event monitoring

Monitor regional change with comprehensive tracking of elections, conflicts and political instabilities, coupled with up-to-date risk ratings. Provide your business with a cohesive picture of regional risk that enables informed decision-making.

Anticipate change with geopolitical forecasting

Harness in-depth scenario forecasting to understand and prepare for geopolitical shifts that affect your regional operations. Enable your organisation to see the bigger picture and more effectively plan and address strategic business risk.


Comprehensive OSINT collection in 21 languages with real-time alerting

Geopolitical forecasts based on probabilistic modelling of events

Situation reports, analyses and briefings, and hundreds of curated, geo-tagged incidents per day

Location risk with in-depth scoring by country, updated as risk environments change

Geopolitical Risk Briefs

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Our research team have curated these briefs, powered by Silobreaker to keep you one step ahead of potential scenarios and risks that could influence your business. Subscribe to receive these reports directly to your inbox every Tuesday.

Analyse conflict and geopolitical risk in context

Monitor emerging threats and regional risk with a cohesive view to enable informed decision-making.