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Silobreaker delivers real-time, actionable intelligence across cyber, geopolitical, and physical risk, enabling faster detection and response.

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  • Detect the latest threat actors, malware and vulnerabilities
  • Investigate leaks and breaches proactively
  • Identify and prioritise vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Monitor exposure and risk to your third parties
  • Detect and alert on exploits targeting your data and digital assets
  • Collect, process, search and analyse data in a single system
  • Automate workflows, metrics and reporting
  • Integrate with TIPs, SIEMs and other intel tools


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What our clients say

To generate the same depth and timeliness of insight as we get with Silobreaker I would need a team at least twice as large

Intelligence Analyst for a government agency

I used to wake up 1.5 hours earlier just to gather research, now it takes 20 minutes.

Manager of Cyber Defence for financial services

The Google for threat intelligence. The entity identification means we only return verified, relevant, high-fidelity results.

Head of Threat Intelligence for financial and insurance services
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