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The New ‘Ransomware? What Ransomware?’ Report


2024 Ransomware? What Ransomware?

An analysis of disclosure and messaging from open sources

Ransomware is one of the top cyber threats facing organisations today. When hit by a ransomware attack, it is vital that organisations inform customers and third parties as quickly as possible to minimise risk and disruption.

According to new Silobreaker research, over 50% of organisations waited until the news had become public before admitting they had been impacted, and, on average, there was a 90-day lag before individual customers are contacted after a data breach.

In this report, we examine the gaps in disclosure, the language used by victim organisations and insights into the victimology and threat actors involved. We also explore why leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) as part of ransomware intelligence can help deliver more accurate insights, so organisations can take the necessary steps to remediate faster.

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