Our vision

We believe in the power of being in the know.

Our mission is to build technology that tackles today’s proliferation of data. To offer products that analyse, contextualise and bring meaning to any kind of information. We want our customers to spend less time collecting and searching data and more time on learning, discovering and making better-informed decisions. We want you to know more, faster.

Our story

Silobreaker was founded in 2005 with a vision that, with data volumes set to grow exponentially, intelligence wouldn’t come from access to data but from sense-making technology that would cut through the noise and support the human analysis required to interpret and understand the world around us.  We are a founder-led, non-VC funded

company operating out of London, where our business operations are headquartered and Stockholm, where our engineering team is located. Working together we develop and provide sophisticated and powerful intelligence products that are being used in corporate, government, military and financial services sectors worldwide. 

Our founders

Silobreaker's leadership team combines expertise from working with and developing intelligence solutions.
Kristofer Mansson
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Per Lindh
Per Lindh
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Joakim Mårlöv
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Mats Björe
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Our Awards

Silobreaker was created to take notice of the world, and we’ve been doing pretty well at that. So well in fact, that the world is now taking notice of us.

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