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Silobreaker's technology supports the human analysis required to understand the world around us.

Data is bigger than you think

With data everywhere, insights are a precious commodity. Organisations today have access to more data than ever before, yet the fear of having missed something continues to keep company executives awake at night. Access is no longer enough; you need the ability to filter and refine data in order to extract meaning and intelligence from it. By unlocking the information that is buried deep in the data, you can uncover the intelligence that’s most valuable to your use-case and strategy.

The intelligence platform purpose-built for the big data era

By analytically processing millions of articles from hundreds of thousands of sources, in real-time, Silobreaker serves up contextualised views and situation pictures. We make it easy for you to monitor and analyse threat actors, attack types, vulnerabilities, instabilities, geopolitical developments, or any other topic, interest or event.
Our discovery tools highlight what is most relevant to you and uncover relationships between and within internal and external data. Having the technology to get the most out of data can be the difference between making the right security decision and missing something vital.

A wealth of features, tailored to you.

Silobreaker’s features make it easy to filter, refine and contextualise data. Our users understand, map, analyse and report key findings in an ever-changing world.

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